Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Smile Through the Snow?

While most people would say, "the weather outside is frightful," I cannot stop smiling as I walk through it. How can this be? Let me share a story with you all...

Two years ago from today, my aunt passed away due to cancer. It was a hard time for me and the rest of our family. I had never felt so alone and questioned everything I had held dear. Just before she passed, she had given me a pair of snow boots that, when she passed, became very important to me.

Now, flash forward to last Sunday. I had been reflecting on the day of my aunt's passing and had the thought I should go to the temple [a house of worship] that day. So, this morning, I woke up early and went just hoping to feel peace. I did and it was wonderful and when I left and saw tons of snow I began to smile. The snowflakes against my ears and face tickled and felt like kisses from Heaven. I had been hoping to wear my snow boots today but, without snow, that was not going to happen. So, when I saw the Snow I became very happy because, in a weird way, it was an answer to prayer.

I know God knows us and our needs. He has made a way for families to be forever and ways to feel peace in a crazy world. I am so grateful for that knowledge that has blessed my life immensely.