Monday, January 30, 2012

Waking up to Dessert?!?

Yesterday, I was quite tired after church because some roommates and I had stayed up chatting about "boy stories" until 1:30am. This was quite fun and thoroughly enjoyed, however, since we have 9am church, this was not the smartest time to have it... :P Well, anyway, so I took a nap after church. A few hours later (yes, I was that tired) I awoke to the smell of brownies baking. It smelled so good but, I figured someone was making them in the kitchen. To my surprise, I found a plate with two huge brownies on it for my roommate and I from our visiting teachers. They were very yummy. :) There's something so nice about waking up to food. Then, I came to my room later and found a plate of cookies on my bed from a guy in my ward. I seriously could have died happy after coming to find two different desserts waiting for me at different times. And both were DELICIOUS!!!!! So ya... Then, at ward prayer, along with another girl in my ward, we continually kept saying, "Can I say I love our ward?!?!?" Seriously, I don't mean to brag or boast but, I love my freshman ward sooooooo much! It's such a blast and everyone is so nice and we can just do the most random things (such as having a phone book ward...... or other such activities...... :P ). Yepz. Freshman life here is really something else.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lookin' Good for No Good Reason At All

You know those days you decide to actually get ready and then, when you have, you realize you have nothing planned for that day so you slightly cry on the inside because you realize you should have done this another day...? That is me this morning. I actually curled my hair and did some experimentation with make-up and I don't have any plans until later in the day and, by then, my hair will be flat and my make-up washed away by the day. Oh well, it is nice to feel pretty when you don't always have the time to get ready that much.

On another note, last night, I was quite hungry when I went to bed, as was my roommate, so we both decided to make some sort of dessert in the microwave. I made a store-bought brownie mix for one while she made a cake in a hot cocoa mug. Sadly, she was missing a lot of ingredients so she improvised. (Great thinking on her part) It came out a little funky but, it looked really good after adding powdered sugar on top. :P Probably would have been enjoyed more if I wasn't feeling so sick from having WAY too much sugar without having a
good dinner......

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fallin' in Foam with Friends

So, last night, I went on a "double" date where we watched Megamind, ate hamburger helper, played/watched ping pong, ate Café Rio, and went to this crazy place called Lowes Xtreme Sport. And I'll tell you, it was crazy! Imagine a giant gym full of foam pits and trampolines and you've got the basic idea. It was such a blast, though!  Like I've said before, the simple things really are the most fun. I mean, what is more fun than a huge pit full of foam squares and a trampoline or trapeze to jump into it from?
On another note, it's quite amusing to see how all LDS youth seem to find a great thrill in finding out who likes who. It can cause a conversation to last for hours and hours more wondering who "who" is. I used to think it was just us Illinois youth but, I am realizing it really is all over. It makes me laugh to see the "drama" over it when all the guys will be leaving for their missions and the girls will probably end up marrying someone they have not even met yet! Actually, that's the scary part.... :P It can be a lot of fun liking someone and having them like you back but, it makes me wonder if I should really be focusing on that. I have not come to a conclusion yet... but, when I do then, hopefully, I'll listen to it. :P No promises there.
Well, have a great day! I'm  going to a soccer game tonight! 
~Choo Choo~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Phone book War II

Last night ended in another phone book war. This one, I feel, was a little more violent and messy but, quite hilarious. My day just is not complete until I have gone to Whitney and had some type of adventure! Well, as usual, I have some videos to post on here since, they work so much easier here than on facebook. With this said, enjoy!
Boys will be boys. :P
More boys will be boys :P
More fun times

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cartwheelin' in the Lobby

So, sometimes I feel a little bit like a failure since my dad was a gymnast and my mom was a cheerleader and both were very involved with sports and very active. I am.........not. Of course, I play churchball and other things to keep active but, sports have never been my forte and anything gymnastic related REALLY is not my forte. So, I could never do a cartwheel. It was a sad story. I did a couple one day at a "one day cheerleading camp." But, when I got home after, I could no longer achieve this accomplishment. I've tried again for years and had many urges to do said trick but, to no avail. Well, last night, while hanging out in the guys lobby, as usual, some of the guys heard of my sad tale. Of course, this lead to cartwheel lessons and me attempting, and failing, multiple times. Well, after a ton of laughs and plenty of bad landings, I landed on my feet! I was not straight, mind you but, it was a start. By this point, I was not going to be allowed to stop trying. So, I DID A CARTWHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only been about.... oh I don't know..... 10+ years?!?!?!? Basically, I felt quite accomplished and felt maybe I did get some of the "athletic genes" from my parents after all. :) Thanks guys!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twisted Family

Last night, for FHE, we played a "harmless" game of twister with two twister boards. I must say, I do not think we've had that much fun together in awhile. Sadly, many people were missing but, those who were there, I believe, would agree it was a blast. 

 At one point, I was left with our "dad" and a brother. The brother was playing viciously but, it was fun. This is a picture of me being squashed between the two. It looks painful, I know but, it was pretty hilarious. I recommend it! :P Just kidding... It was pretty fun but, it is not a game for everyone...sadly...

The picture to the left is of two of my roommate, our "dad" and our "grandpa." Jenny couldn't reach very well so, she ended up crawling over everyone. This picture is an example of that moment. It was pretty hilarious even though I do not think everyone appreciated it.
College Life really is something else. Most of the people I have met and hang out with, I probably would not have even really talked to back in High School. It is great to be in a place where prejudices and clicks are left behind and you get to really know people for who they are: sons and daughter of God. It is such a blessing to be in an environment where I can grow closer to my Savior and practice caring for others in an environment where others are trying to do the same. Sure, it can be very difficult but, it is worth every hardship to have moments like the above that are completely random but, completely fun for everyone. It is so much fun to just be yourself and to find who you really are away from the pressures of high school life.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Turning Past Frowns Upside Down

You know those friends you've gone through a lot with that you never want to lose? I have a couple of those but, one in particular that is on my mind. Obviously, college does take a lot of my time and I'm trying to meet new people so, I do not talk to them as much. It is sad but, when you're trying to get to know other people and  get work done it makes sense, right? Well, I felt I should see how a friend was doing. I don't know why I felt this way but, I decided to see how they were. After we had chatted, well, texted, for a little bit, our answers had turned to one word ones so, I said I just wanted to check up on them and such. Well, this was taken in the wrong way. It hurts when people think you would say something or mean something in a horrible way. You think, "we've been best friends for a while and have been through a lot. I know you have troubles, as do I but, how could you think that way???" I know life can take some unexpected turns but, I've already lost a friend this year and almost lost this one a year ago. I do not want to lose a close friend over a dumb reason. Bleh.... Now I'm probably ranting but, it hurts when people think wrongly of you and you wonder how they could come to that conclusion. Well, hopefully my Sabbath will get better again. It was going really well, great even but, now I feel hurt. Can't wait for Home Teachers to come!!!! Haven't had those really in awhile. Then, dinner, stake choir, & tunnel singing. :) Plenty to look forward to and turn my frown upside down.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dancin' for 500 Miles

Tonight we had a tri-area dance between the freshman housing. It was quite a blast. They played some old songs near the end that I had not heard in awhile. One of which was 500 Miles. I had just recently watched Benny & Joon with my roommate so, this song made me smile. It is also one of my Dad's favorites, if I remember right. Well, it was fun.

Now, I'm going to go to bed before midnight for the first time in a little bit. Church tomorrow! ♥

Crazy College Night

I am finding myself enjoying college more and more as I get to know the guys in my ward better. Last night, after my choir retreat, a couple of us watched Hook together. There is something really fun about watching old movies and laughing with a bunch of people. After this adventure of Peter Pan's, we took our own adventure to Denny's, again. Eight of us went this time and we had quite the fun time being crazy, as usual.

Upon returning, we ran into more people so, we formed two groups. Some people headed to bed while me and three of the guys headed to the  other side of the building to get out of the wind and rain. Then, we ended in a little alcove place where we enjoyed a long night of talking about all sorts of things. It is funny how much easier it is to talk at night compared to the day. It is not something you think about until it is actually happening. After some people headed to bed, two of us decided to go walking around as we continued talking. (SIDE NOTE- It is a lot warmer to walk fast than to sit on cement...not that I would know from past experiences or anything... :P ) I have found it is really neat when you can talk to guys about anything. It makes me glad that LDS guys, that keep their standards, are around. I wish I had known more as I was growing up to have made so many great friends earlier in life. Luckily, college has made up a lot for that missed time. Well, today should be fun since there is a dance tonight.
♥ Have a wonderful day & make good GREAT choices! ♥

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kickin', Dizzy, & Denny's

Of course, it was another non-boring night hanging out with the Whitney boys. I got back from babysitting and then, we went and played night games. It was quite fun until someone got hurt... then, we just found other fun things. This led to basketball. It was a  little late, however, so we got kicked off because it was past hours. Luckily, it was a pretty warm evening so, it was easier to play than the other day after "Foul Ball." This game led to rolling down one too many times down the great big hill by our dorms. I must say, it was quite fantastic. Even if we got really dizzy....... Then, we went to Denny's since it's only "normal" to go after midnight. :P Well, I beat Wes at finishing my milkshake first, laughed a ton, told people to act their age and then got scolded for not acting my own, etc. The walk back was even better. Nick tried to jump on a balloon to pop it but, missed it by a long shot so, he face planted :P pretty fantastic. then, there was the kicking fights........ let's just say 19 years of being tickled and learning how to defend myself have paid off. :P teeheehee Well, it is now quite late so I must retire since I do have class in the morning and lots going on tomorrow night. Until then, keep smiling & laughing. It makes life better. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's Try This Again

I'm going to try and upload a video that didn't work yesterday. It's some of the beginning of the phone book war from a few nights ago. Don't worry- no serious damage was caused by this battle. Just a lot of sore, bruised, crazy people. :)
Video did not work. Please check my facebook page to see this video.
Here is a video of two guys trying to rip a phone book....


Just so this is not a complete waste of time.... I have a picture that I keep on my wall that I found online the other day. It's the  story of my life since I am NOT a morning person. hehe

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phonebook Wars at Whitney

Last night was quite the adventure. What began as a simple and harmless ripping a phone book in half, turned into a huge battle of phone book pages, bindings, hands, and feet. It began small and turned into something that took over the entire lobby. This adventure was quite hilarious, even though I was planning on going to bed early which didn't happen because of this.... :P There was tackling, throwing, etc. We all came out with ink stains and sweat from head to toe and still wanting to continue. It's funny how the simple things in life can bring so much joy. :)

Wes rippin' a phone book. The first to join the war.

The war continuing.
(The best video is really long and I think I need to edit a few things to make it better so, there might be another one to follow later...maybe. :P )

Yes, college is a crazy place & so much fun can come from the simple things.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Now it is Real Life

So, I took my TSA today and then, since I finished quickly and early, I finished my application all by 10am. I woke up this morning at six and I am starting to feel the effects of that little amount of sleep. Sadly, I have classes until nine this evening. We had devotional this morning with Julie B. Beck and Women's Chorus sang, "Lord, I would Follow Thee." I feel it went very well. It feels so great when you finish things early! I am able to relax and enjoy my short time before I begin my classes which, for the most part, should be fairly easy and relaxed. Hopefully, I do not have another conducting "addiction" like I did last week or I will not be going to bed anytime soon after. :P Well, time to run to class! Pray I do not fall asleep....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Intense "Foulball" and Basketball with the Guys

So, you know how sometimes you wish you could just hang out with the guys and play some crazy games and just be goofy? Well, that is how today was. My roommate and I woke up and got decked out in our basketball wear and headed over to go play a new game we invented called "Foulball." This game consists of a Nerf basketball & hoop with a nice group of "slightly" competitive people. Well, we met up with more people than we thought and headed to the new buildings to begin our attack. Of course, the game got intense really fast. It was fun. Then, we went outside (in the freezing weather) and went to play half-court basketball. We all were a "little" cold since we were all in basketball shorts and sweatshirts but, we had quite a blast. I even made a shot! (After trying to make one more than several times...) Sadly, it got a little too cold so, we retired to the building for some crazy hot cocoa in a crazy hot cocoa maker and played some Rock band. Then, it was time for homework but, we got invited for a pizza party with some other guys from next door. Now, if homework would do itself, life would be complete. :P Too bad it's not like how elementary school homework was when all you had to do was color or draw your letters.... Too bad it's not just drawing beat patterns for conducting..... That's just what I do when I am bored. :P Luckily, it's almost done and then, it will be time for FHE (family home evening) and then, sleep before a crazy day tomorrow. I have that TSA tomorrow......

Well, I guess I should practice again so, for your enjoyment, here is a picture of my beat pattern doodles:


Yes, I got that bored..... :P

Battle of the Roommates

Well, today was quite the eventful evening/early morning. My roommate and I decided to play some Extreme Skip-bo... Let's just say we got a little too hyper and realized why we like to go to bed early and not eat a lot of sugar late at night. hehe It became Extreme Extreme Skipbo. We gave some wonderful amusement to our other roommate and neighbors that visited but, we did make quite the fools of ourselves. It was quite amusing but, now, I am exhausted and laughing hysterically! Note to self- don't play with only two people late at night with a lot of sugar in you. It does not go very well. :P

Here is a taste of how hyper we were. This is the end of a game that I won. ♥

I love you Hil! ♥ hehe ♥


P.S. This is why I do not do drugs or drink. I would be scared to see this get any worse.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wishes, Kisses, and Spankings

So, I have a pretty crazy family. I love them dearly. This evening, I went to a birthday party for my cousin. We ate pizza, cake, worked on a puzzle of London and, of course, sang happy birthday and gave her some lovely birthday spankings. We formed a "Spanking Machine" with all the cousins who were present to give her this lovely gift. Even though I tried to just be the recorder, I ended up having to join in the scheme. I am exhausted from such a fun evening but, it was quite fun spending it with people I love. :)


I have included the video that was taken to share in the fun of the family. Hope others enjoy it as much as we did. :P

College Days

Well, today is a typical Saturday... I woke up late and took my time getting ready because there just aren't any plans until later today. I got some groceries and am realizing more and more how expensive things can be. Just purchasing the basic foods and already you are spending more than you would want to. It is sad and annoying. Sometimes, I wish I had been born in the age when candy was a penny and everything was super cheap.... especially gas. One of the many reasons I am not considering getting a car anytime soon. Anyway, the main reason for getting on today is to continuing my practice for my TSA I have to take. So, I guess it's time to post some picture and another video just so I do not forget how to.

Step 1: picture: I took this at the Brookfield Zoo over Christmas break. It made me laugh. I am realizing how often my life is being rated RL (real life) as I enter the adult world. Sometimes it is fun and others.... let's just say.... not so fun.

Step 2: video: This was a video my sister introduced me to over Christmas break. I know many people have already heard this song but, to those who haven't, beware. It can get stuck in your head VERY quickly... I was tempted to look up guitar tabs for it simply because of how easily it gets stuck in my head. :P

Step 3: publish: done. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Elem Ed Application Practice

So, for starters. I am starting this blog because of an assessment I have to take in order to get into the Elementary Education Program. Lame reason to start, I know but, I had been considering making a blog for awhile so, I guess this is a good enough reason to finally start.

Step 1: insert a picture. This is a picture of a flower I had to dissect for Biology 100. It was really pretty but, it was needed for science. :P

Step 2: embed an online video... This is a video of one of my favorite songs right now. It made me cry the first time I heard it because I was at college and missing home, especially, my daddy. Yes, I am a "Daddy's Girl" and this song really hit home when I first heard it. ♥ Hope you enjoy it as well! ♥

Step 3: Publish. Well, this is not too hard now is it? :P