Saturday, October 27, 2012

Missing Those You Love

You know when you just really start missing someone that normally you're ok living without? That has been most of my time here at college but, this past week has just been on of those times where you start missing loved ones. First, a roommate's parents came to visit which was really neat and they were super sweet but, I started missing my mom and my daddy. Yes, I know they're safe and I'll see them in a few months but, just seeing them all smiling and laughing at old jokes made me miss the time spent with my family.

Then, some of my extended family came to visit and I loved seeing them. It was so much fun and I loved being able to talk and laugh with them. However, this also reminded me of home but, moreso, my siblings. I love each of them and it has been awhile since we've spent time together since I'm far from home. It was kind of funny reflecting on past events with my siblings and all our silly jokes and stories.

Lastly, I went with some friends from last year to Denny's just for old times sake. Of course, this brought back memories of last year and all the friends that are out serving missions across the world. Of course, I'm proud of them and wouldn't want them to be doing anything else but, it's hard not to miss all our jokes and wanting to tell them all about the adventures this year and just let them know I'm thinking about them or seek some advice but, can't. Especially with so much happening, it would be so nice to just have a late night talk with all of them like we used to but, right now, the only thing I can really do is pray to my Heavenly Father that they are well and that all will work out. When I am struggling and do not know what to do, I need to go to Him in prayer and scripture study to find the answers I seek.
ward picture from last year that includes several friends.

Friday, October 12, 2012

"And a Little Child Shall Lead Them"

I was truly humbled this week. I started getting a cold/scratchy throat and could not focus on my school work because of the congestion it was causing. Well, I sent a message to some family back at home asking them to pray for me so that I could focus and get my work done as well as feel better. They all responded with the affirmative but, later, my mom sent me a text saying that my littlest brother had prayed for me to be better the next day. I was completely touched. It is amazing to see the faith of a child. It is no wonder Christ said to become as a little child. Their faith is unwavering and they are so innocent. The next day I did feel a lot better and I attribute that to the prayers for my sake and especially that prayer. I don't think I've ever had such a quick recovery over a cold. Yes, my voice is still not what it typically is but, it is better than it was and I do not feel sick. The power of prayer is an amazing thing and I am so grateful that I have such a great example as my littlest brother.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Hoped They'd Call Me on a Mission

Today is October 6th, 2012 and it is a major day in history. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and today was the 182 semi-annual General Conference and President Thomas S. Monson announced a change in the ages for missionary service. I had grown up knowing that young men could go on a mission at 19 and young women, if they chose, could go after turning 21. I had, over the years, gone back and forth with serving or not but, always came to the conclusion that I had several more years to think about it. Today, that all changed when it was announced that young men can go on a mission after High School graduation at age 18, and young women at age 19. I am almost 20 so, this obviously affects me. Now, like many other young women, I am at a point where I feel I need to really seriously consider my life. Do I go on a mission ASAP? Do I go later? Do I go at all? As I consider it I want to make sure I do what the Lord wants me to. Not all young women are meant to serve missions and I want to make sure I don't do something that is not meant for me. There are many benefits and reasons to go but, it is important for me to focus on the eternal perspective. One of these benefits would be coming home at the same time as all my boys. It would be so great to come home at the same time as them and be able to have a mission to talk with them about but, maybe that's not what I'm supposed to do. Well, it is time to go to the Lord and the temple and make sure I do what I am meant to do. No matter what the end result, I know I will be doing what the Lord wants me to and I will help others wherever I go and whatever I do.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Old Original Song

So, I was playing guitar tonight and remember I had some old songs I wrote FOREVER ago... I started playing one that I really have always loved and decided to record it just for fun. I know it's not very complex at all (I was just starting to play guitar when I wrote it...) but, it's kind of an insight into my mind back in early 2010 when I realized I didn't have this huge crush on this guy any more but, I had hope for the future. So, it's kind of a sad song but, there's hope to it to. SIDENOTE- all is well in my life so don't think this is referencing some part of it. haha


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Lord is There

Well, today has been quite interesting. I woke up early to observe in the Kindergarten and then, did homework until devotional. Since I know people in Men's Chorus, I decided to stay on campus and actually go to Devotional rather than watch it in my apartment. Well, I got there and just picked a seat that would be easy to get out of at the end and sat was mentally thinking about everything I had to get done after the devotional and where I would go to do homework and blah, blah, blah.A few minutes later, devotional began. As President Samuelson started talking, I'm not proud to say this but, I was not really listening. I was still thinking and stressing (as I do best). Someone asked to sit next to me and started asking about my life and, once again, I wasn't really listening. Still thinking. Then, Men's Chorus stood up and sang "Come Thou Fount." Usually, (another not proud moment) I just sit there critiquing whoever is performing and noticing vowels and tonation and facials, etc. Well, not today. I felt peace and just listened to the melody and the beauty of the simplicity of the arrangement. It was so lovely and was truly what I needed to get ready for devotional and the rest of my day. It was wonderful. Then, the devotional was on Gratitude and my mind was ready for those words. I was reminded of phrases my dad would always say as I was growing up: "Attitude Determines Altitude" & "Decisions Determine Destiny." It is wonderful when you remember things that helped you in the past and can still help you now. It was so nice to have the spirit with me this morning and be able to focus on an Eternal Perspective rather than the mundain "what do I have to do today that is due tomorrow...?" thought process. It's so much better when we focus on what Christ would have us do than how we can survive our next midterm. It's a lighter load and an easier life. It is just the right thought process before General Conference this weekend.