Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleaning Job?

Well, today, since I was just sitting around, my mom said she would pay me to clean the bathrooms in our house (all 5 of them). Well, since I am looking to earn some money for college and I knew she did not want to clean them, I said yes. I have decided, after cleaning all five bathrooms, I do NOT want to do that for a living. In my own house, fine but, not in someone else's. You never know what you will find.

this is before cleaning and i had just put
cleaner in the toilet so that is not mold but,
I began this endeavor with my sister's bathroom. It was not too bad but, still took quite a bit of time. The shower was the worst part. But, I lived. Rocked out to music blasting from my phone as I played a bunch of old songs from when I was growing up. Then, I headed to the Bug Bathroom (AKA the boy's bathroom...). This bathroom has always been known for its dirtiness and no one ever wants to clean it. Well, I walked in and it was the usual mess. I began to clean. As I was cleaning, I found a lovely surprise for me: a plate was hidden behind the toilet. I guess someone wanted to eat a snack? It was quite interesting...

After finishing this great accomplishment, I headed to my parent's bathroom. Since both have been very busy and have the biggest bathroom, it took quite a bit of time but, not too bad. After this bathroom, I did the main floor and the basement. Neither of these are used very often so they were quite clean to begin with.
Sidenote- I took this picture :)

From this time in the bathrooms I have learned a few things. First- I NEVER want to clean someone else's house for a living. Second- I love Scrubbing Bubbles. I think it is my favorite cleaner. It gets the hardest stains and make my life so much easier when it is used. It also has a very friendly container and you spray the bubbles. What could be more fun then that?

Well, I think that ends my stories for today. Sorry for the double posting. I did not think I would have more to say today.

Random Post for a Random Thought

After visiting a friend's blog I had a thought to just ramble and did not want to do it on facebook. I do not want my rambling to be THAT public. So- my thought- If I could be anywhere and doing anything right now, what would it be?
the view off the bank by the Nauvoo House

I would be in Nauvoo, IL when it is 75 degrees out and not super humid sitting outside the Nauvoo House by the bank of the Mississippi sitting on the side walk thinking. Nauvoo is honestly, one of my favorite places on the entire face of this earth. The single's ward out here is going to be taking a trip out there and I kind of wish I could go but, at the same time, a friend and I have decided to go together and I feel I will get more from that trip than with a bunch of people I do not really know. Nauvoo has always had a very special spot in my heart. I love the spirit that is there. You walk the streets and you can feel the saints walking with you. You walk into the different homes and shops and you can feel the love they had for this beautiful town.

Nauvoo means Beautiful and yes, this place is so beautiful. Yes, it can be humid which makes you feel sticky and gross but, the spirit and the beauty over power the humidity. The Nauvoo temple is my favorite temple. To go inside is almost like stepping into your favorite fairy tale. The beauty and spirit of this building, and its history, have always intrigued me. I hope to get married here someday but, we will see what happens in the future. Right now, I am focusing on school and family and getting a summer job to pay for school.

I will admit, sometimes it feels like it's a step in my life I will be taking soon but, other times, it feels so far away and that I am not ready for that. We will see what the Lord has planned for me. I'll just keep preparing for what my role in the world will be. I would love to serve a mission in a year and a half but, maybe that is not what the Lord needs me to do. Whatever His will will be, I will prepare for it. For this reason, I took mission prep this past semester and working on patience and working with others and cooking and cleaning and living with 5 girls and hanging out with the guys and sooooooooooooooo many other parts of my life. Everything we do has a purpose to help us become what we need to be and what we will need to do. Sometimes we might not see the reason for a hard trial but, at the end, we can look back and say "I learned something great that now, I can take with me as I move forward in life." And that is what is most important.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Growing Up & Moving Forward

Well, today was quite interesting. I went to my ward and got sustained in my first real calling (I do not really count YW presidencies and BYU Freshman ward in this because you basically have to have callings. They were and they were important, not going to lie but, this is still a big step). I have been called as an activity day leader for 8-11year old girls. This should be interesting.

Another big step- I went to the Single's Ward for the first time today.... Ever.... I lived to tell the tale! It was quite interesting. I enjoyed it but, it seems like such a small ward and I feel so small there. While I was there, I got to spend time with my roommate, and best friend. I had not realized just how much I had missed spending time with her! It was so wonderful to catch up on what has been going on and hearing stories from the past week. After all these adventures, I returned home and took it easy the rest of the night. I chatted with some of my boys this evening which is ALWAYS a  joy. They are amazing young men and I love hearing from them. It does not hurt that they remind me of Provo, either. Well, I think that is all I have to say today. Good Night.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

No Internet. It can be Done

Well, in the past 24+ hours I had no internet. I was worried since that has been my sense of communication between most of my friends from college with facebook. Well, I am proud to say I survived without any internet for over 24 hours. I was slightly in shock. Yes, I missed chatting with my boys at night but, I did fall asleep earlier. Sadly, I did not get much sleep since I awoke at 3am and could not fall back asleep but, I survived and I did not really feel to tired until this evening. Well, I am EXHAUSTED so, Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite! & Sweet Dreams. Chelsey is going to bed!!! :D

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Down Time Means More Videos

Well, after making the other one, I wanted to make one that was an overview of my entire year, not just the boys. Of course, it does not include everything but, I think it has the highlights that I have in pictures.
This one is a thanks to any, and everyone, that made my Freshman year at BYU amazing. It really was such a great experience and, with being so far away from it, I miss it dearly. I will never forget all the wonderful memories that were shared. Thanks for letting me document it with pictures so I will not forget all the wonderful happenings. 

Playing With the Boys

Well, since I had some down time, I decided to make a movie with pictures from the past year of a roommate and I to our new theme song "Playing with the Boys" by Kenny Loggins. I tried to upload it to facebook but, it does not like me so, we're trying it this way!
Thanks again for a great year, boys! & other friends, of course :)

Jenny- Sorry for creeping/taking some of your pictures but, it seemed more fitting to do full year and a lot of the best pictures were yours.... :P

Monday, April 23, 2012

Saying "hello." Job hunts. & Sitting Around

Image Detail

After getting home, I spent a lot of time with the family. At church, I  scared a few people who did not know I was coming back so soon. It was quite hilarious but, when they would ask about college, I would continually miss "my boys" and some other friends.

Sunday night, I began the job hunting process. Who knew looking for a job could be so confusing?!?!?! Well, this continued into Monday with not much more done. I spent a lot of time texting some of "my boys" and facebook messaging others and skyping with some more. Who knew you could talk to people more when you are away from them then when they live right next door?

When I was not job hunting, I played piano. It is nice to play a real piano that is not completely out of tune! hehe I played some hymns and some music from the Little Mermaid musical. Ahhh!!! So gorgeous! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going Home

Today I woke up and got ready for the day. I felt quite tired but, I knew it would be a long day so I got started right away. After making some eggs with ham, I had a delicious breakfast. Then, I loaded up all my stuff into my grandparent's car so that it was ready to go to the airport. We took off for the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery to look up some relatives. It was kind of cool seeing the grave sites of relatives but, since I do not really know them it can be a little hard to really appreciate it. After walking around and taking pictures of the tombstones, we went to SLC and ate lunch at the Macaroni Grill. It was really tasty but, I was full quite quickly since I had had so much water. It is one of those Utah days where it is a little to dry for my taste.

Well, after lunch, we tried to visit the Salt Lake City Cemetery but, the office was not open. I got to the airport early and got through security super fast (no one seems to be flying out right now.... This is the emptiest I have ever seen an airport!!!) It is kinda weird to sit at a terminal alone but, it gives me time to think and check e-mails and such. This will be the second time I have ever flown completely by myself without friends or family around. This is will be an interesting flight... I sat a seat away from some lady on the plane. It was a long, boring flight. I tried to play Footloose on my laptop but, it died... So, I listened to my iPod. I have found a new theme song for my life: Playing with the Boys by Kenny Loggins. hehe We got in early by about 16 minutes. Someone needed medical attention, though, so we got off a little bit later.

I got my bags and then, met my family (they had portillo's!!!!!!!!!) and we drove away. I was finally with my family. We got home and I showed the family Chewie.... I didn't get him back the rest of the night!!! He has become more popular than me! Shows I come from a family that loves Star Wars.... :P Well, time for bed. Good night Chicago!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Day at BYU as a Freshman

Woke up today around 9:40am. I was shocked I actually woke up. I didn't shower right away, though, because I had to say good-bye to a few people. First, was my FHE brother that has become my "triplet" and one of my best friends this year. It was sad to say good-bye. It doesn't quite feel real and yet, it is happening and it is real. I'm going to miss everyone so much even though I know they will have great missions ahead of them and wonderful experiences. I have learned so much from everyone I have come in contact with and have grown to really love them. Yes, we have our off days and such but, everyone still means a lot to me. Then, I said good-bye to our "creeper" AKA the best server you could ask for. Then, said good-bye to another guy from the ward. Then, it was time for me to get ready for the day, do some touch-up cleaning, and then, I went to the guy's dorm to see people before they left/ I left. I spent most of the time watching a friend pack up his room before his sister came to pick him up. Then, at noon, I went to "wake-up" another friend who had had a rough nights rest camping the night before. Of course, he did not wake up so I let him go back to sleep until the other friend was leaving so they could say good-bye. We took a trip to the creamery, one last time, and then, said some more good-byes to people leaving.

HAPPY MOMENT- one of my best friends/roommates came back for a visit so I got to say one "hello" a midst the good-byes. It was really great to see her.

Then, my grandparents arrived and we, plus one of my guy friends, loaded up all my stuff into their car. I ran and checked out and then, ran around saying last minute good-byes before departing from Heritage and freshman year forever.

Both my duffle bags were too heavy so, I spent most of my time at my grandparents this evening packing/unpacking. All my stuff has been transferred to my grandma's quilting room. I feel bad I'm taking up so much space but, with the time frame I have, I do not have time to go through it and throw stuff away.

For dinner, we went to one of their friend's houses for an indoor picnic. It was a lot of fun and we learned an Italian game called Scopa. Then, I played/sang "Be Still My Soul" & "I Need Thee Every Hour" for all the couples. I have found I really enjoy spending time with older people. You learn a lot and can be yourself around them.

Well, it is late and I am exhausted. Good night. Good-bye Provo & BYU & 46th ward & Whitney&Young. It has been great. I fly home tomorrow night.

One Day More

Woke up and got ready with "TV" make-up and up-do for Women's Chorus. As I was getting ready, I saw more people leave the 46th ward. Really sad to watch. My roommate was packing all morning. It's so sad to think it's all over even if it means we are growing up and have learned what the Lord needed us to learn together. It still hurts to say good-bye. I spent my morning cleaning up in the kitchen. all my cleaning for cleaning check is done minus my room. Well, guess I'll be ready to leave tomorrow.....

Women's Chorus had practice, sound check, and then we sang at Commencement. It went really well, but we were all really tired and didn't want to stay for the whole thing. Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke but, I was so out of it I don't really know what he talked about. I remember he mentioned all the problems/mix-ups they have had at commencement in the past.

Did more packing/cleaning. Tomorrow I'll just have to get my stuff out to my grandparent's car and say good-bye to everyone. Well, a few people probably.

Then, my day took a turn. A friend of mine dropped by before he headed on a camping trip. He was not sure when he would get back so he could say good-bye before I leave so he returned soon later with a present for me. He gave me his Chewbacca (Chewie) backpack. I was in shock. He loves this backpack and I've always joked about being jealous of it and said I would take it (which I never did) but, he gave it to me since he is leaving for his mission for two years and won't have a use for it. It totally made my day!

Helped my roommate completely move out and then, we went to the creamery to spend her meal plan money. Then, we said good-bye and the rest of us drank chocolate milk and talked for a bit. I also said good-bye to my "annoying little brother" tonight. That was very hard to do. He really has become my little brother and I do not know if/when I will see him again. After all these good-byes, we decided to go stargazing out on the hill by the girl's dorm. It was so much fun and the sky was clear. It was a wonderful way to spend my last night at BYU. Yes, I am going to be extremely tired since it is past 3am but, I think it was worth every moment. Had some great conversations with some guys and have grown to love them more. Thanks guys. I'm going to miss each and every one of you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 Days left... More good-byes...

Well, I woke up this morning and got all ready since I had choir practice today so we can sing at commencement tomorrow. It's weird to think this is our last rehearsal and that I have to say good-bye and leave so soon. It does not feel like I have two more days but, forever.

Women's chorus went well. We practiced "Lord, I Would Follow Thee." It's such a pretty piece and the spirit really flows through it. I love it.

Came home and continued packing... My Grandparents are stopping by later so I can start sending stuff back with them!!! YAY!!!! I was starting to worry about getting stuff up there.... A roommate and I also had a cleaning party in the bathroom (since she's leaving tomorrow and I'll be busy tomorrow afternoon/evening.). That was fun but, it made me quite tired since I scrubbed down the bathtub and bathroom floor. Then, I got most of my stuff out of the kitchen and donated to the roommates that are staying for spring/summer terms food drive. :P Then, my grandparents came and picked up a lot of my stuff so that it will be easier when I'm moving out come Friday.

A roommate and I did something crazy. We told the guys we would go with them to hike squaw peak... We just went for it and kept telling ourselves we couldn't back out of it. Well, it started raining so we said we'd just walk them to the trail head.... then, they were taking too long so we went to eat ice cream and play skip-bo in the kitchen. After the boys left, I was not ready for bed yet so, I went for a walk to go to the hill to go star gazing. This just turned into me walking to a bench by the stream by our building and sitting there and thinking for awhile. It's hard to say good-bye and I did not want to close this day since so many of my friends (family now) are leaving tomorrow. Sometimes it is really nice to just sit and think by yourself but, it can also be quite lonely. Well, it's 11:45 now, I think it's time to close and try to get some rest while my roommate packs since she, like many others, is leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow might just be a boring, sad post...

Oh! I forgot! After skip-bo, the boys and a different roommate started to play the cup game. It was funny to watch since they all got really into it so it turned very intense. Some were more comfortable with "kid speed" and others were more for the crazy fast speed. It was quite hilarious.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 days left... is it a party?

Woke up today around 10:40. I finally got some much needed sleep! I hopped in the shower and semi got ready before going to eat some frosted flakes. A roommate is checking out today and a friend had her pan so, I sent another friend on a mission to go get it since I am not quite sure if that friend is awake. Well, the story ends as we got her pan she got ready to leave. Then, said good-bye to the first roommate as she headed off for summer. It's sad but, luckily, I'll see her in the fall since we have the same major.

Spent basically the rest of the afternoon working with a roommate on editing our footloose main sequence movie. A lot of work but, a lot of fun. It turned out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! Quite hilarious! We had a few visitors while we worked and we kind of crashed a study session but, all ended well.

One person that we hung out with was one of our FHE brothers. He is almost always over but, we love him to death. He's such a great guy and, we've decided, we're triplets (since he has a twin). I'm going to miss having him crash our dorm every day and having him play with his "toys" at our dorm. Today, I took a picture of him and his toys (FINALLY!!!).

Made taco pizza tonight. We added some extra stuff to it (bacon, extra sausage, and olives). It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy! I'd missed taco pizza. Luckily, everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I do so, we have a few more "converts" to Happy Joe's taco pizza & taco sauce! YES! hehe Quite fantastic if you ask me....

After pizza, we had the premiere of our video with some of the boys (two of which were featured in the film). Then, we watched Footloose to add some happiness to our evening and since one guy had not seen it all the way through yet so, we sat down and watched it with him. Then, said good night and got ready for bed. It's weird to think after today, only two more days...

Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Days Left...Where has time gone?

Well, I woke up this morning and as my roommate and I were heading out the door to head to our mission prep final, we opened the door to find we were visited by some amazing guys last night. There were really sweet notes all over the building, our door, and individual notes for each of us with pencil/pen flowers all over the walls. I love our boys. I am going to miss them all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! They're so awesome. After this surprise, I went and finished mission prep. Then, headed home to study and eat for physical science 100.

After eating some yummy scrambled eggs with bacon bits, parley, and basil, I studied and then, I headed off to take my test. It took me an hour and a half and I felt pretty good about it. Then, I got out and saw I got a 75%.... This is disheartening since I thought I got an 80% so something. Oh well, I AM DONE WITH PHYSICAL SCIENCE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

 Got home and decided it was nap time. I laid down for 20 minutes and did not fall asleep so, I called my mommy while I packed some more. Then, when my roommate got home, I ate the other half of her wrap and then, we went out on the hill to relax. Then, played some frisbee and read some of East of Eden. Then, we got a group of eight of us and went to Brick Oven for dinner. We had chicken/artichoke & BBQ chicken/pineapple pizzas and I tried apple beer and their rootbeer. The apple beer tasted like apple cider with sprite and the the rootbeer reminded me of Nauvoo. Both were delicious. On the walk back, we took pictures and such. Then, we got home and (since I had 2 glasses of apple beer, a glass of root beer and a glass of water) we took a few bathroom breaks and then, we went to the creamery for ice cream. I got the usual (Peanut Butter Trails single scoop in a waffle cone) and enjoyed it thoroughly! Then, I returned home and tried to clean up all my packing a bit.....

After, a roommate and I decided to make our own Footloose opening with all our shoes. It was quite hilarious! We had fun trying to do all the different 80's dances...most we just made up and called it good. Pretty hilarious. It was a great end to a great day! ♥

Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Days: Simply a Handful

Woke up today and got ready for church. It is the last Sunday I have with my Freshman ward. A few of my roommates and I got to church early and sat in our usual place. It was interesting having it be our last Sunday. Everyone was released in a mass releasing (which was kinda funny but, cool to see). Then, we had a testimony meeting. It was neat to see people who had never gotten up before, stand and bear witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, we went to a friend's Sunday school class since he was teaching. That was fun. It is neat to see people you know grow and see how much they have grown this past year. In Relief Society, we did not have a piano/keyboard so we say a cappella. The lesson was opened with a video entitled, "Moments That Matter Most."
 At the end of the lesson, we all went around and said things we learned this year. I found myself and my Savior this year and I am eternally grateful for that. I have grown so much from all the experiences I have had and the people I have met. When the world seemed to be crumbling around me, my Savior was always there. I could fall down at the side of my bed and cry to Him for help. He would send others to help me or help me help myself get through it. I know I am a changed person because of it. I will never be able to forget the wonders of this year. It has changed my life forever.

Came home and worked with my roommate on finding out of visiting teaching message. We decided to talk about the Savior since it was Easter last week and it's our last visiting teaching time with these girls and, lastly, we did not feel this month's message was right to do. We decided to look at some Mormon Messages to find one we liked and felt was right to share with our girls. We decided on "None Were With Him" by Jeffery R. Holland.

We played Phase 10 for a bit before dinner. One of my roommates made italian & ranch chicken. So tasty! I actually feel stuffed! I have come to appreciate good meat while at college and flavorful food. So delicious!  After, my Sunday took a more spiritual turn. I got a blessing from my home teachers about some things that have been stressing me out. After, I did some scripture study and pondering and praying. When we went visiting teaching again, I was a lot more emotional and spiritually in-tune when I was not as much before. The above video, really touched my heart. I love my Savior dearly and am so grateful for the wonderful influence He has had on my life.

I tried to take a nap but, it did not end up working out so, I listen to efy music from my iPod while I rested my eyes. It was quite relaxing. Then, I painted my roommate's nails in a crazy way! It was quite fun! I used tape to make cool designs on each nail. Each was different. Then, another roommate made wheat waffles and put chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and syrup on them. I tried one. Actually, it was quite tasty but, soooooooo sugary! 
Then, we had our last ward prayer as a BYU YSA 46th ward of the 4th stake in Heritage. I think that is  the first time I've seen so many people there. It was so fun to see people one last time all together. I am going to miss our bishopric. They have been so amazing and such a great support through this year. I am going to miss this ward so much because of the great growth I have had because of everything I have experienced. ♥

So, then, me & one of my roommates went over to Whitney to play skip-bo & uno & phase 10 with some boys. Of course, Uno turned into three guys against Chelsey and Phase 10 turned into all boys against the two girls. It was pretty fun, though. Got tired pretty quick once we had time to relax out in the lobby so, my roommate and I returned to our dorm to go  to bed since we have mission prep final at 8am tomorrow. So, Good night! ♥

6 Days Left

Well, I began the day by waking up at seven A.M. to get into the shower and get ready for the day. I debated on just wearing my glasses but, because contacts help keep me awake, I put them in. Then, around 7:40, I headed to the WILK to take my Book of Mormon final. Got there about 7:45, started taking my test around 8:05. 89%!!!! YAY!!!! Yes, not the best score but, that is pretty good for me! Returned home around 9:30 and was asleep again from 10-12. I needed that nap. Felt so good!!! Then, I made myself some mashed potatoes from a package (usually they aren't very good, I know, but, these turned out quite well. :) ). Ate and then, checked out facebook and my e-mail before I sit down to study for conducting and American Sign Language (both of the finals I have tonight).

Did some photo editing of pictures from yesterday. Quite proud of them! Yes, I should have been studying but, picnik will only be open for a few more days (yes, I could have done them after finals) so, I decided to do them now. Aren't they cute?!?!?! hehe

Well, after having some fun, I became productive for a little bit and worked on the pieces I had for my conducting final. It was a little difficult to do the one I chose since I could not find a recording of the version I am conducting of "Beautiful Savior." Luckily, I think it should still be ok. After quite a bit of practice, I decided to take a hot chocolate break & finally do my hair & make-up for the day since I looked DEAD TIRED. This ended up with curls again. It does not look as cute as yesterday but, that's fine. It's a rainy day anyway (as I found out AFTER curling my hair......)

I wish this is the hot cocoa I had but, alas, mine was in a Y
mug and did not have marshmallows...
Took my conducting final. The teacher came a little late so we just sat around practicing until she arrived. It was pretty fun but, I feel that relaxed my nerves so, when she arrived, they went crazy again and I no longer felt ready. Oh well.... It is in the past and I can just continue improving my conducting for myself.

Then, it was time for American Sign Language. This final went better and worse than I thought. The numbers (that I was worrying about) were not as hard as I thought. However, I forgot about a few things (such as culture/history stuff) that I am pretty sure I did not do well on. Oh well. Luckily, it is done and I have survived.

This was my first profile picture on facebook ever.
After returning home, I took a trip down memory lane and looked at my old profile pictures. It is interesting to compare what I look like now to when I was only a few years younger. It's amazing how much you can change in just a year and within a few years. It's funny to see how I used to do my hair and make-up and see what worked well for me and what really did not. I look so much younger and I had bushy eyebrows and my eyes were not typically open enough to be able to tell they were even there! I have grown up a lot in the past few years and especially this year at college. Just comparing a profile picture from when I was leaving home to now is a big difference.
Summer profile picture before college.

Well, the evening progressed after my time to reminisce. Went to Whitney and we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire. Then, a friend made enchiladas and so we headed to the basement to eat them. Quite tasty I must say! He has learned how to make my mother's enchiladas. I'm quite proud! haha Well, after we ate, the boys went to go play a video game so, me and my roommate got a party together and headed to our apartment to watch Footloose. It was fun. We were all gathered in out kitchen passing around popcorn and laughing/talking & simply enjoying the evening.

I'd say it was a great end to day six. ♥

Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Days Left

Woke up today and began by getting ready. I curled my hair and did my make-up. Then, I went  to a physical science review, again. While we discussed units three and four, we discussed the relative dating of rocks. This made me and my friend laugh and think "I think we should relatively date rocks!" I think that is the only reason we stayed alive during this review...

Well, I got home and ate and relaxed for awhile. Then, we joined the boys in using their budget to buy ice cream and so we enjoyed some yummy ice cream. Then, the fun began.....

Laying in a bed of rocks is Heavenly.....Kinda...
I met up with my friend to go rock/boyfriend hunting.... We walked around the little stream by Heritage and took pictures galore with rocks. It was so much fun! We laughed so hard. I continually kept saying "I like this game! We should play this more often!" It was hilarious! I had never noticed how many rocks there are around us. It honestly made my day! There were rocks to climb on, ones to pick up, ones to sit on, ones to look at, ones to admire, etc. I have found I LOVE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Shhhh!!!! My boyfriend is a rock!!! 

We took so many funny pictures and I cannot post them all on here so, I've posted a few of my favorites that my friend took of me. I guess getting ready for the day really paid off because some of these are actually really cute! ♥

I'm holding it's hand.... tehehe
After rock hunting, I went to a surprise party for one of my home teachers. That was also fun. We ate and had a water fight/tickle fight and danced and took pictures and such. I LOVE MY WARD!!!! I am going to miss all of them so much when I leave in seven days. They have become some of my bestest, closest friends. We have not know each other very long but, have shared so much. It will be weird to not have all these  guys next door when I return in the fall but, they will be serving the Lord across the globe and becoming the best men this world has ever seen. They will become great fathers and husbands; great students and teachers; great friends and listeners; great servants of the Lord.

dead guy pancake :)

For dinner, my roommates made dead guy pancakes. So funny! It was hilarious and I felt like I was in Despicable Me!!!! I ate a dead guy.... :P

After, we headed to the guy's dorm to play murder in the dark. My roommate and I stuck together and would go sit in the back room and wait to be killed. Eventually, we did get killed by one of our friends and we dove to hide under the table to wait to be found. Then, we headed up to a friend's dorm to "study" since finals start tomorrow. And so ends day 7.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Days Left

Thursday before I head back home to Chicago-land.
After having a Wednesday filled with packing........ We begin day 8 with making a last big Denny's run. Of course, we were all exhausted but, it was a blast (as usual). We made our trek there and, of course, reminisced in old jokes made on earlier trips. It had been quite some time since we had made a run to one of our favorite restaurants to go to at hours past midnight. As we walked, one of our memories was when I pushed the button at the light it automatically changes. Well, after someone else pushed it first and we had to wait for quite some time, I got my job back and, I succeeded in having my "magic touch."

At Denny's I had a sausage slam & chocolate milk shake. Sadly, it was too much sugar so I could not finish it all. While we were there, a friend of mine asked if he could borrow a dollar to make some origami. He made me a snail with said dollar bill. Quite cool, actually.

Well, as it usual with me being around, I got into a few "tickle fights" with this same friend. He actually found, and remembers, where one of the few spots on my back is. I typically don't even remember!!! But, he used it against me enough last night, I remember....

As we headed back, we were all quite wide awake and just acted goofy. We are all pretty crazy but, I feel, last night was quite a bit so. We started by having a "Hunger Games" which turned into a bunch of werewolves chasing me which ended in me getting attacked which ended in many laughs.

Upon returning to Heritage, a different friend and I decided to roll down the hill a few times, for old times sake. Then, three of us just laid on the hill for a bit talking and laughing and playing "I Spy" until we all headed in for bed around 3:30am.

Quite a few hours later (around 11am) I woke up and got ready for the day. I put on my Superman t-shirt and some jeans and grabbed a jacket to head to a Physical Science 100 review for finals. Yes, I feel the review was good to go to but, it was a long review with many more hours of studying needed. After it, I came home and made some scrambled eggs with bacon bit, parsley, and basil. So good! Then, it was time to grade my Book of Mormon take home final and work on my Mission Prep Final Celebration. These were both interrupted by my roommate that received a mysterious egg with a puzzle inside to ask her on a date to go rollerblading. Pretty funny. Lots of final reviews going on tonight so, it was a nice break from the stressful life of a college student.

Ran from a Physical Science review with people in my ward to an ASL (American Sign Language) review in the library. Then, came home for a bit before going to the guy's dorm and seeing a friend get his mission call. Then, study party in the basement of our building. It's amazing to me how much can get done when everyone is quiet and willing to work. Yes, college kids can be quiet for more than an hour because we just did it! Now, time for bed. And so ends the countdown day 8. ♥

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gethsemane Song

Today in Book of Mormon (the last day), our teacher had his little girls come and sing this song called "Gethsemane" for us. It was so sweet. I had to come home and look up this song. So, here it is to share. Listen to the words and I think it is easy to understand why it touched me so much.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Learning from the Past

Well, earlier in life, I had a close guy friend, who I liked, tell me that he liked me. Shortly after, when he met a close friend of mine, I thought they might end up liking each other. Of course, this ended up happening. At the time it hurt a lot and for awhile I could not talk with them because I needed time to forget it and not cry about it anymore.

~~~History repeats itself~~~

This semester, I began liking a guy and, long story short, he likes one of my roommates and close friend. This time is a little different because my roommate knows I like him. For awhile, I was jealous and could not really stand it very well but, after talking it out with a few close guy friends, I went to the temple asking for peace because I could not be jealous of my roommate or hate a close guy friend. You cannot make people love or hate you. The heart has a mind of its own. Well, the temple really is a wonderful place to think and receive answers that are much needed. While there, I realized I was stressed about things to come in the next few weeks. I was stressed about getting a job, feeling like I do not belong at home, saying good-bye, and a few other things. Once I had finally confronted my fears, I realized the jealousy was gone. I had been wrongfully placing my stress into something that was not that big of a deal. 
It is amazing how the Lord will give us similar situations so we can continue to learn and grow from them. This life really is a test to teach us how to be better and now, I have learned more to improve myself and I know not to get worked up so much over little things but, to look for what is truly making me upset. I am so grateful for a God to knows how to help me and who loves me so much he would have me go through hard things to learn what I need to. ♥

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reflections on Freshman Year

Well, with only a week of classes left and then, finals, I figure it's time to do an update on life here. On Sunday, I went to tunnel singing, as usual, and figured it would be the same as it recently has been: a great time filled with laughter and me scolding the boys for not acting their age, etc. Well, sad to say, this was not the case. It began that way, as usual but, then, it changed. The "spiritual" half of it went super spiritual. We began this change of events with The "EFY Medley" and, as the guys began to sing the armies of Helaman part, I began to feel the spirit like I did at EFY. I did NOT want to cry though. I do not like crying in public. I was able to hold it in but, I could not really look at the guys across from me because I felt such a great love for them. The guys in my ward have become quite close to family, if not family. They are all so amazing and have really touched my life and the guys across from me held a very special place in my heart and most would be leaving for missions shortly after the semester was over so, I would not be seeing them again for quite some time, if ever again. After the Medley was finished, we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever." Once again, I almost lost it but, I just kept myself calm and tried not to cry. However, when this ended, we started to sing "God Be with You Til We Meet Again" and with this one, I wrapped my arms around my friend and we turned around so we could not see "our boys" because we lost it. We both just started sobbing and could not keep the tears in. I could hardly sing! I realized how little time I have left here and how much I have grown to love those around me. I can feel the love the Savior has for them and do not want to lose them. I know missions are very important and will be wonderful experiences for them but, the selfish side of me wants to keep them here with me. It will be hard to make all new friends next year and find awesome guys I can trust and know will look out for me. I know they will be blessed for their service and will lead great and wonderful lives and have wonderful families but, it will be hard to say more "good-byes." I hate saying good-bye but, I know these will be good since they will be serving the Lord and focusing on teaching His gospel to His lost children.

After this whole crying fest and many hugs and a long walk home, more hugs and talks were given with others who had not made it to tunnel singing. I think me and my friend scared a couple guys with how much we were crying and how we both would start again very quickly. I love the people I have met this year. I have been so blessed and enriched by their examples and the times we have shared. I will miss it dearly but, I will always have the memories and the pictures to reflect upon and continue to learn and grow from. It would be very difficult to forget all the wonderful things I have experienced and learned from those around me. It will be difficult to forget the love I have gained for those I have met and the feeling of love the Savior has for each of His children. Even though it has to come to end, I am grateful to everyone I have met and who has helped me grow and learn more about myself. Thanks BYU. Thanks 46th ward. Thanks boys. I will miss this time together.