Saturday, April 7, 2012

Learning from the Past

Well, earlier in life, I had a close guy friend, who I liked, tell me that he liked me. Shortly after, when he met a close friend of mine, I thought they might end up liking each other. Of course, this ended up happening. At the time it hurt a lot and for awhile I could not talk with them because I needed time to forget it and not cry about it anymore.

~~~History repeats itself~~~

This semester, I began liking a guy and, long story short, he likes one of my roommates and close friend. This time is a little different because my roommate knows I like him. For awhile, I was jealous and could not really stand it very well but, after talking it out with a few close guy friends, I went to the temple asking for peace because I could not be jealous of my roommate or hate a close guy friend. You cannot make people love or hate you. The heart has a mind of its own. Well, the temple really is a wonderful place to think and receive answers that are much needed. While there, I realized I was stressed about things to come in the next few weeks. I was stressed about getting a job, feeling like I do not belong at home, saying good-bye, and a few other things. Once I had finally confronted my fears, I realized the jealousy was gone. I had been wrongfully placing my stress into something that was not that big of a deal. 
It is amazing how the Lord will give us similar situations so we can continue to learn and grow from them. This life really is a test to teach us how to be better and now, I have learned more to improve myself and I know not to get worked up so much over little things but, to look for what is truly making me upset. I am so grateful for a God to knows how to help me and who loves me so much he would have me go through hard things to learn what I need to. ♥

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