Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Days Left

Thursday before I head back home to Chicago-land.
After having a Wednesday filled with packing........ We begin day 8 with making a last big Denny's run. Of course, we were all exhausted but, it was a blast (as usual). We made our trek there and, of course, reminisced in old jokes made on earlier trips. It had been quite some time since we had made a run to one of our favorite restaurants to go to at hours past midnight. As we walked, one of our memories was when I pushed the button at the light it automatically changes. Well, after someone else pushed it first and we had to wait for quite some time, I got my job back and, I succeeded in having my "magic touch."

At Denny's I had a sausage slam & chocolate milk shake. Sadly, it was too much sugar so I could not finish it all. While we were there, a friend of mine asked if he could borrow a dollar to make some origami. He made me a snail with said dollar bill. Quite cool, actually.

Well, as it usual with me being around, I got into a few "tickle fights" with this same friend. He actually found, and remembers, where one of the few spots on my back is. I typically don't even remember!!! But, he used it against me enough last night, I remember....

As we headed back, we were all quite wide awake and just acted goofy. We are all pretty crazy but, I feel, last night was quite a bit so. We started by having a "Hunger Games" which turned into a bunch of werewolves chasing me which ended in me getting attacked which ended in many laughs.

Upon returning to Heritage, a different friend and I decided to roll down the hill a few times, for old times sake. Then, three of us just laid on the hill for a bit talking and laughing and playing "I Spy" until we all headed in for bed around 3:30am.

Quite a few hours later (around 11am) I woke up and got ready for the day. I put on my Superman t-shirt and some jeans and grabbed a jacket to head to a Physical Science 100 review for finals. Yes, I feel the review was good to go to but, it was a long review with many more hours of studying needed. After it, I came home and made some scrambled eggs with bacon bit, parsley, and basil. So good! Then, it was time to grade my Book of Mormon take home final and work on my Mission Prep Final Celebration. These were both interrupted by my roommate that received a mysterious egg with a puzzle inside to ask her on a date to go rollerblading. Pretty funny. Lots of final reviews going on tonight so, it was a nice break from the stressful life of a college student.

Ran from a Physical Science review with people in my ward to an ASL (American Sign Language) review in the library. Then, came home for a bit before going to the guy's dorm and seeing a friend get his mission call. Then, study party in the basement of our building. It's amazing to me how much can get done when everyone is quiet and willing to work. Yes, college kids can be quiet for more than an hour because we just did it! Now, time for bed. And so ends the countdown day 8. ♥

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