Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going Home

Today I woke up and got ready for the day. I felt quite tired but, I knew it would be a long day so I got started right away. After making some eggs with ham, I had a delicious breakfast. Then, I loaded up all my stuff into my grandparent's car so that it was ready to go to the airport. We took off for the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery to look up some relatives. It was kind of cool seeing the grave sites of relatives but, since I do not really know them it can be a little hard to really appreciate it. After walking around and taking pictures of the tombstones, we went to SLC and ate lunch at the Macaroni Grill. It was really tasty but, I was full quite quickly since I had had so much water. It is one of those Utah days where it is a little to dry for my taste.

Well, after lunch, we tried to visit the Salt Lake City Cemetery but, the office was not open. I got to the airport early and got through security super fast (no one seems to be flying out right now.... This is the emptiest I have ever seen an airport!!!) It is kinda weird to sit at a terminal alone but, it gives me time to think and check e-mails and such. This will be the second time I have ever flown completely by myself without friends or family around. This is will be an interesting flight... I sat a seat away from some lady on the plane. It was a long, boring flight. I tried to play Footloose on my laptop but, it died... So, I listened to my iPod. I have found a new theme song for my life: Playing with the Boys by Kenny Loggins. hehe We got in early by about 16 minutes. Someone needed medical attention, though, so we got off a little bit later.

I got my bags and then, met my family (they had portillo's!!!!!!!!!) and we drove away. I was finally with my family. We got home and I showed the family Chewie.... I didn't get him back the rest of the night!!! He has become more popular than me! Shows I come from a family that loves Star Wars.... :P Well, time for bed. Good night Chicago!

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