Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Days Left...Where has time gone?

Well, I woke up this morning and as my roommate and I were heading out the door to head to our mission prep final, we opened the door to find we were visited by some amazing guys last night. There were really sweet notes all over the building, our door, and individual notes for each of us with pencil/pen flowers all over the walls. I love our boys. I am going to miss them all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! They're so awesome. After this surprise, I went and finished mission prep. Then, headed home to study and eat for physical science 100.

After eating some yummy scrambled eggs with bacon bits, parley, and basil, I studied and then, I headed off to take my test. It took me an hour and a half and I felt pretty good about it. Then, I got out and saw I got a 75%.... This is disheartening since I thought I got an 80% so something. Oh well, I AM DONE WITH PHYSICAL SCIENCE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

 Got home and decided it was nap time. I laid down for 20 minutes and did not fall asleep so, I called my mommy while I packed some more. Then, when my roommate got home, I ate the other half of her wrap and then, we went out on the hill to relax. Then, played some frisbee and read some of East of Eden. Then, we got a group of eight of us and went to Brick Oven for dinner. We had chicken/artichoke & BBQ chicken/pineapple pizzas and I tried apple beer and their rootbeer. The apple beer tasted like apple cider with sprite and the the rootbeer reminded me of Nauvoo. Both were delicious. On the walk back, we took pictures and such. Then, we got home and (since I had 2 glasses of apple beer, a glass of root beer and a glass of water) we took a few bathroom breaks and then, we went to the creamery for ice cream. I got the usual (Peanut Butter Trails single scoop in a waffle cone) and enjoyed it thoroughly! Then, I returned home and tried to clean up all my packing a bit.....

After, a roommate and I decided to make our own Footloose opening with all our shoes. It was quite hilarious! We had fun trying to do all the different 80's dances...most we just made up and called it good. Pretty hilarious. It was a great end to a great day! ♥

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