Sunday, April 15, 2012

6 Days Left

Well, I began the day by waking up at seven A.M. to get into the shower and get ready for the day. I debated on just wearing my glasses but, because contacts help keep me awake, I put them in. Then, around 7:40, I headed to the WILK to take my Book of Mormon final. Got there about 7:45, started taking my test around 8:05. 89%!!!! YAY!!!! Yes, not the best score but, that is pretty good for me! Returned home around 9:30 and was asleep again from 10-12. I needed that nap. Felt so good!!! Then, I made myself some mashed potatoes from a package (usually they aren't very good, I know, but, these turned out quite well. :) ). Ate and then, checked out facebook and my e-mail before I sit down to study for conducting and American Sign Language (both of the finals I have tonight).

Did some photo editing of pictures from yesterday. Quite proud of them! Yes, I should have been studying but, picnik will only be open for a few more days (yes, I could have done them after finals) so, I decided to do them now. Aren't they cute?!?!?! hehe

Well, after having some fun, I became productive for a little bit and worked on the pieces I had for my conducting final. It was a little difficult to do the one I chose since I could not find a recording of the version I am conducting of "Beautiful Savior." Luckily, I think it should still be ok. After quite a bit of practice, I decided to take a hot chocolate break & finally do my hair & make-up for the day since I looked DEAD TIRED. This ended up with curls again. It does not look as cute as yesterday but, that's fine. It's a rainy day anyway (as I found out AFTER curling my hair......)

I wish this is the hot cocoa I had but, alas, mine was in a Y
mug and did not have marshmallows...
Took my conducting final. The teacher came a little late so we just sat around practicing until she arrived. It was pretty fun but, I feel that relaxed my nerves so, when she arrived, they went crazy again and I no longer felt ready. Oh well.... It is in the past and I can just continue improving my conducting for myself.

Then, it was time for American Sign Language. This final went better and worse than I thought. The numbers (that I was worrying about) were not as hard as I thought. However, I forgot about a few things (such as culture/history stuff) that I am pretty sure I did not do well on. Oh well. Luckily, it is done and I have survived.

This was my first profile picture on facebook ever.
After returning home, I took a trip down memory lane and looked at my old profile pictures. It is interesting to compare what I look like now to when I was only a few years younger. It's amazing how much you can change in just a year and within a few years. It's funny to see how I used to do my hair and make-up and see what worked well for me and what really did not. I look so much younger and I had bushy eyebrows and my eyes were not typically open enough to be able to tell they were even there! I have grown up a lot in the past few years and especially this year at college. Just comparing a profile picture from when I was leaving home to now is a big difference.
Summer profile picture before college.

Well, the evening progressed after my time to reminisce. Went to Whitney and we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire. Then, a friend made enchiladas and so we headed to the basement to eat them. Quite tasty I must say! He has learned how to make my mother's enchiladas. I'm quite proud! haha Well, after we ate, the boys went to go play a video game so, me and my roommate got a party together and headed to our apartment to watch Footloose. It was fun. We were all gathered in out kitchen passing around popcorn and laughing/talking & simply enjoying the evening.

I'd say it was a great end to day six. ♥

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