Monday, March 26, 2012

Too Nice?

So- it has been awhile so I'll just do an update on college life. Only a few more weeks until I will be boarding a plane back home and saying good bye to all my amazing guy friends that will be leaving for missions across the globe for two years. It's going to be really hard. Because of this short time, however, I have been spending even more time with "my boys" at Whitney. When people are gone, if I'm bored, I will hang out with other people. I did this the other night with a guy I was getting to know. This ended in him trying to move really fast and me getting creeped out. Not very good. I would have been ok except, he keeps wanting to hang out but, I'm not comfortable with that but, am too nice to lie or say something mean. I have just been continually digging a hole for myself. Last night, I almost completely got myself into trouble but, luckily, friends at Whitney pays off. One guy, an amazing friend I have made this semester, said he would help me out if needs be. Luckily, nothing happened but, it's better to be prepared than not, right? This has made me think more about the fact that I am leaving and will not see these amazing young men for two years. Who will I go to for boy advice? Who can be my secret body guards when I am scared? That is something I do not know right now. I do know, I would not exchange any of "my boys" for another. They have been the greatest help to me this semester and I know their friendships have helped me grow into who I am today.

On another note, my efy councilor from this summer suffered from an accident and is paralyzed right now. She, however, has been super optimistic and in every picture she is smiling as large as ever. It's hard to believe it is true but, her faith and strong will power have really touched me. It makes me realize that complaining is really not worth it. My life is great and will continue to get better.

Another thing that made me count my blessings- for Women's Chorus, we had a passover meal and at one part they have you dip your finger in Horseradish and then, put it on the unleavened bread to symbolize repentance. I have realized that the repentance process is an amazing thing. I could not imagine if we had to eat horseradish every time we sinned. I would die! Probably would never sin again, however. I could feel it all the way up into my nose. It was a very strange feeling. I think I'll just have to think of horseradish if I am tempted! :P

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Music?

So, I tried writing a new song on guitar but, I'm not sure how I feel about it... So, I'm posting it so my brother can listen to it and give me pointers. So- here you go little brother. please & thank you!



Looking Forward:

Nineteen. That's how old I am
Can't deny it anymore.
Keep thinking I'm just a child
but, life lingers at my door.

Twenty. A year later now.
Keep trying to fit in.
Changing through these college years
but, becoming more a part of myself.

Time to grow up.
Time to move on.
It's hard, I know
Keep holding on to the past
and wanting to go back
but, there's something better waiting.

Twenty one. I'm even older now.
Met a guy at the library.
Started dating and lost my heart so fast
I think I've fallen in love.


Ninety two. I'm quite old now.
Still young at heart.
Sitting here with my love
and looking back on past years.

[chorus and ends with repeating "waiting" 3x]

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Right Moment

Well, I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but, better late than never, right?

So- this week, I have been fighting an old evil enemy- the common cold with a harsh cough. It has not been fun since I have been going to bed early and such but, I have been surviving. Like I said, we are old enemies. :P
The other day, when I was getting really tired and just wanted to go home and sleep, I got a text through facebook from a message from a friend asking how I was doing and if I was feeling well and if there was anything they could do to help. It was so nice to know someone cared about me and really made me feel a lot better and happier. The rest of my classes seemed to fly by, which is quite a miracle with how I was feeling. It is amazing how the Lord will send people to help us out at the perfect moment when we least expect it and they have no idea how much they helped you out.

On a different note, last night, after playing some fun foul-ball, a group of us went to visit a friend's twin but, he was not there so we got to have some fun chatting with his roommates. One I had actually met before when I went to visit my cousins during the summer several years back. It is hilarious how small the world is. Especially in the church. Especially at BYU. :P After just a little bit of time chatting, this group of guys and our group from our ward felt like old friends teasing each other and having a great time. It is amazing how quickly friendships can grow here. At home, it would take forever to really become friends with someone but, here it does not take long. Life here is grand. :)