Monday, March 19, 2012

New Music?

So, I tried writing a new song on guitar but, I'm not sure how I feel about it... So, I'm posting it so my brother can listen to it and give me pointers. So- here you go little brother. please & thank you!



Looking Forward:

Nineteen. That's how old I am
Can't deny it anymore.
Keep thinking I'm just a child
but, life lingers at my door.

Twenty. A year later now.
Keep trying to fit in.
Changing through these college years
but, becoming more a part of myself.

Time to grow up.
Time to move on.
It's hard, I know
Keep holding on to the past
and wanting to go back
but, there's something better waiting.

Twenty one. I'm even older now.
Met a guy at the library.
Started dating and lost my heart so fast
I think I've fallen in love.


Ninety two. I'm quite old now.
Still young at heart.
Sitting here with my love
and looking back on past years.

[chorus and ends with repeating "waiting" 3x]

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