Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reflection on Camp's Past

Well, it has come time for Girl's Camp so, I have been watching my sister and mom prepare of it as well as many of my friends. Each camp has been hard to watch people leave for it and then, see all the pictures uploaded onto facebook. I know the camps are amazing and I'm happy they're going but, when that was the highlight and the main point of my summer, it is hard to not go. Each camp has such an uplifting spirit and helps you get your life in focus and helps me make life decisions become habits rather than making them later in life. I began going to Girl's Camp when I was 12 and EFY/Youth Conference when I was 14. That is a lot of summers that have been dedicated to learning more about my Savior and trying to better myself.

Girl's Camp my 4th year. We learned about splints
My second year of EFY. I was playing "model" with my cousins
My second year of Youth Conference, we had an obsession with The Princess Bride
My 3rd youth conference we helped out at Special Olympics
My 5th year of Girl's Camp: Acting just like my mommy taught me. hehe
This is my 3rd year of EFY. I am usually tall but, between a good friend and my brother.... I'm short. 
My 4th Youth Conference. Me and some of my friends
My 6th year of Girl's Camp I dressed the last day as my shirt suggests: WILD!
My Fourth year of EFY. My best friend and I did a few "heart/hand" pictures
My last year of Youth Conference we went to Nauvoo, IL. This is the temple there and a statue of the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum. This is my favorite temple. 

My final year of Girl's Camp we had themes each day. One day was nerd day. Everyone died when I came down to flag dressed like this.

My fifth, and final year of EFY. Me and the boys. Loved these guys.
Each year brought new adventures and new stories and memories. It is nice to reflect on how much I have grown because of them. I would not be who I am today without them. Each person I encountered has touched my life and made me a better person and someone who is closer to my Savior. Even though I am done attending these wonderful places, I can keep making memories and stand in awe at how much I have grown in the past years because of each of these and more. Thanks to anyone who was a part of these camps. They are a large part of who I am. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family Love Song

So- during the family reunion, we were driving home and the "Elephant Love Medley," from a musical, came on so, a few of us started going crazy and had it recorded on my camera. This shows basically what me and my siblings do best when we're together...Show off our "talent!" haha Enjoy!


Monday, July 16, 2012

More Good-byes & Family Fun

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. Last week I said good-bye to two more of my close boys and I realized it is harder to say good-bye the more you give. I would have thought it would be the opposite. But, after the good-byes, I was fine the rest of the week.

We had a family reunion to celebrate my grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was stressful but, it was great to spend time with family and be able to laugh and dance and sing all weekend. I also got to learn more about my grandparents. I learned more about their lives that I had never heard about. It was wonderful.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Growing Up

You know that moment when you feel everyone else has grown up around you or when you feel you are the only one that has grown up? That's kind of how I'm feeling right now. One moment I feel so much older than others around me and then next I feel much younger. Being a 19 year old girl is a very rough place to be. You're an adult but, not. Your guys friends are heading on missions and you're just planning what your next school year will be. You want to hold onto the past but, the past has moved on and the future is just out of reach. As rough as it is, though, it is a wonderful time to learn and grow. Meet new people and try something new. Tonight I stayed for part of the after Institute [adult class offered once a week for a religion class]. I met new people and tried to not be anti-social. It was rough because I've been holding onto my freshman year for so long but, my freshman year has moved on. A lot of the time, I feel I'm the only one still dwelling on those days but, it is because I am not taking full advantage of the time I have now. Yes, those memories are very important but, there is a time when you much leave the past in the past and move forward to progress and grow and change and learn. If you don't move forward in life you're moving backwards.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Part of Your World --> A Sister Now

So- on facebook I wrote a status earlier saying, "was playing 'Part of Your World' on piano. Now I'm in a music altering mood...think I might go do some lyric changes for fun :P "I did it. I made a parody of "Part of Your World" and named it "A Sister Now. It is about a girl that has been watching a lot of her guy friends head out on missions and wishes to join them, rather than sit around waiting until she is 21. As some of my fellow girls from BYU know, this is kinda the story of our lives. No joke. Well, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry if the quality is kinda off and if it is hard to understand. I've included the lyrics to help with this. Enjoy!



A Sister Now
Look at this stuff.
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think this collections complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m a girl, a girl to start serving?

Look at this list.
Places galore.
Who knows how many wonders I have in store?
Looking at me here you’d think, “Sure, she’s got ev’rything.”

I’ve got Scriptures and pamphlets a-plenty.
I’ve got friends serving all over the world.
You want letters written? I’ve written 50.
But who cares? No big deal, I want more.

I want to be where the elders are.
I wanna see, wanna see in-ves-tigators,
Listening in on those.... whatd'ya call em? Oh... lessons!

Flippin' your pages, don't get you far.
Calls are required to start your mission.
Heading on a Wednesday to... what's that place again? M.T.C!

Out where they tract,
Out where they learn, 
Out where they stay all day in the world-
Not on T.V.
Wish I could be a sis-ter now.

What would I give if I could go out on a mission?
What would I pay to spend eigh-teen months far away?
Betcha out there
they really care
Bet they don't think of you as a freshman.
Bright young women
Sick of sittin', waiting for mi-ssion-aries!

And I'm ready to know what the elders know.
Asking them questions and learning the answers.
What's the difference be-tween nine-teen and twenty-     one?

When's it my turn?
Wouldn't I love, love to explore that world far away-
Out of train-ing.
Wish I could be
A sis-ter now.


On another note- a friend of mine just logged off of the facebook/texting/virtual world to serve a two year mission in Idaho. Now, I had promised myself I would not cry when my boys left but, of course, he had to mention the first time we met and how much our friendship had meant to him. I almost broke down while reading it but, I kept telling myself I was NOT going to cry over these boys. As soon as he logged off and I re-read his message (BIG mistake) I lost it. I know these boys will be blessed for their service. They are all amazing young men whom the Lord will be  very proud of them as they serve faithfully. I know I am. Even though it is hard to say good-bye it's more of a see ya later and it will be a great two years as they serve the Lord. I can't wait to see them all again and give them each a great big hug and hear all about their amazing experiences. Missionaries are blessed and those they leave behind are also blessed because of their service. So- it's not a good-bye, even though it feels like it, it's a see ya later alligator or, for this Elder a TTFN-ta ta for now. Good Luck Elder Mann. You will be a great missionary.