Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Story

The Preface:

Like many young women, I grew up assuming I would get married to some Prince Charming during my college years. I was told I would probably marry someone like my dad and that idea grossed me out because I could not imagine marrying someone who was just like my dad. That would be weird. So, any time I liked a guy, he may have some similar attributes but he was never someone I would say was like my dad. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my dad and he is a wonderful man. I just couldn't imagine marrying someone like him. Maybe it was because I wanted to be different than the people around me.  Well, that was the plan. And I made it to byu and so I figured I would find my prince but, as a freshman, I was not ready for a serious relationship. Sure, I dated but I knew the possibility of marrying someone from that year was very slim. Then, sophomore year I still didn't feel ready and so I avoided the dating world. Then, I was privileged to serve a mission for my church for 18 months. That was an amazing time of my life I am so grateful for. When I got home, I was planning on dating a lot and then maybe meet someone after the first semester back. Well, my plans never go my way. I sort of dated someone but, things didn't work out. Then, I had a change of heart and decided that I would figure out what was really important to me in a future relationship. And that is where our story begins...

The Beginning:

A friend of mine from the mission I served asked if I would be up for a blind date. I said sure and I went on a date with Sam. I had so much fun and could not stop talking about it. We continued to go on dates and hanging out and began dating. While we were dating, I realized he was just like my father. I could not believe I had fallen for someone who was like my father. And that's when I realized those things were the things I loved about him most. It also made me realize that he would get along great with my family (which is something very important to me). The way he always tried to help people and do more than was required of him. His ability and desire to work hard. How he can't sit still for very long and his humor. In only a few weeks of dating and knowing him, I had lost my heart to this young man from Alaska who was so similar to my father. How could this be? 

That's when I realized I had misunderstood that phrase from so long ago and was being prideful trying to control my life. Sure, he may be like my father but, he is not my father. They do have their differences. And when I let God control my life, things work out better than I could have imagined. The things I hoped for in a relationship only came as I let go of my pride and tried to do God's will. I can not even being to describe the happiness I feel when I am with, or am thinking about, that wonderful young man I have had the privilege to meet and date. 

A few weeks ago, we began discussing the idea of us getting married and I felt like that was the right decision but, I couldn't just decide our future. I had to wait until he had received his. Then, flash forward a bit, Sam asked if I would be willing to go ring shopping with him. I was so excited and also so nervous because, although I had been doing lots of looking on Pinterest, I had no idea how to shop for a wedding ring. To cut to the chase, because I know you all just want to know the proposal anyway, we found a ring that was perfect. Information was exchanged and we left without the ring. I went to work and, unknown to me, Sneaky Sam called my father to ask permission and then went back and bought the ring. And, a few days later, he picked it up in time for Tuesday night date night. 

The Proposal:

We began the evening going to the site of our first date, the hike to the Y. We reminisced on our relationship as we overlooked Provo. Then, we headed to Utah lake, by way of our second date. (Remember- I didn't know he had bought the ring so I had no idea what his plans were) We made it to a trail and began walking along. We stopped at this opening in the wildlife that looked like the banks of the Mississippi River in Nauvoo, IL. (Where we had first said "I love you") It was beautiful. Sam asked if I remembered what he had said that day and, when I affirmed, he proceeded to say how he could see himself marrying me. He took a step back, said ok as he pulled out a ring box from his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes and was so overjoyed and surprised. Then, due to a previous joke, he pulled out a ring pop as well and said it hadn't fit in the ring box. His roommate and his roommate's girlfriend then came out of hiding and proceeded to take pictures. So, that's how it happened. 

And so the Story Continues:

Each day, I fall more in love with that young man and he makes me feel like a queen. He continues to reflect so many wonderful attributes and makes me want to be better. Who knows what the future holds but, I know, together, with God, we can accomplish anything. 

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