Monday, May 4, 2015

Family-oriented RM with Food

As I look around my apartment and think about what objects really represent me, I had to think a lot about what is really important to me and is part of my culture.

The first object I thought of is a family picture. It is one of the last pictures we took before my brother and I left to serve missions for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is this picture I have taken with me, wherever I have gone, over the past few years. In times of trouble, my family has always been there and has been a huge influence on who I have become. They are so important to me and I love them dearly. Also, having been the oldest child helped me learn traits that I have applied to my major of elementary education and, I hope, help me become a good mother one day.

The second object that I feel represents who I am is my last missionary  tag on an iPad mini case. I went to Ogden, Utah to help teach people of Hispanic descent. Those 18 months changed my life and helped me mature into the person I have become. I also used the iPad mini case as a missionary and, when I got home, having an this piece of technology helped me connect better with the world around me. I use it to do assignments for school, as well as, connecting with family and friends across the globe. It is important to me to keep the friendships and relationships I have formed over the years.

The final object that I feel represents me is a container of basil. Food is always present at any gatherings with my family. It is a way to connect with people because each culture has their own type of food. Through eating with people and learning to cook their meals, I have learned to understand them better and appreciate their culture. It is important to me to understand people so we can help one another become better through understanding and food is an easy way to connect because it is in important thing to many people.

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