Thursday, July 5, 2012

Growing Up

You know that moment when you feel everyone else has grown up around you or when you feel you are the only one that has grown up? That's kind of how I'm feeling right now. One moment I feel so much older than others around me and then next I feel much younger. Being a 19 year old girl is a very rough place to be. You're an adult but, not. Your guys friends are heading on missions and you're just planning what your next school year will be. You want to hold onto the past but, the past has moved on and the future is just out of reach. As rough as it is, though, it is a wonderful time to learn and grow. Meet new people and try something new. Tonight I stayed for part of the after Institute [adult class offered once a week for a religion class]. I met new people and tried to not be anti-social. It was rough because I've been holding onto my freshman year for so long but, my freshman year has moved on. A lot of the time, I feel I'm the only one still dwelling on those days but, it is because I am not taking full advantage of the time I have now. Yes, those memories are very important but, there is a time when you much leave the past in the past and move forward to progress and grow and change and learn. If you don't move forward in life you're moving backwards.

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