Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Days: Simply a Handful

Woke up today and got ready for church. It is the last Sunday I have with my Freshman ward. A few of my roommates and I got to church early and sat in our usual place. It was interesting having it be our last Sunday. Everyone was released in a mass releasing (which was kinda funny but, cool to see). Then, we had a testimony meeting. It was neat to see people who had never gotten up before, stand and bear witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, we went to a friend's Sunday school class since he was teaching. That was fun. It is neat to see people you know grow and see how much they have grown this past year. In Relief Society, we did not have a piano/keyboard so we say a cappella. The lesson was opened with a video entitled, "Moments That Matter Most."
 At the end of the lesson, we all went around and said things we learned this year. I found myself and my Savior this year and I am eternally grateful for that. I have grown so much from all the experiences I have had and the people I have met. When the world seemed to be crumbling around me, my Savior was always there. I could fall down at the side of my bed and cry to Him for help. He would send others to help me or help me help myself get through it. I know I am a changed person because of it. I will never be able to forget the wonders of this year. It has changed my life forever.

Came home and worked with my roommate on finding out of visiting teaching message. We decided to talk about the Savior since it was Easter last week and it's our last visiting teaching time with these girls and, lastly, we did not feel this month's message was right to do. We decided to look at some Mormon Messages to find one we liked and felt was right to share with our girls. We decided on "None Were With Him" by Jeffery R. Holland.

We played Phase 10 for a bit before dinner. One of my roommates made italian & ranch chicken. So tasty! I actually feel stuffed! I have come to appreciate good meat while at college and flavorful food. So delicious!  After, my Sunday took a more spiritual turn. I got a blessing from my home teachers about some things that have been stressing me out. After, I did some scripture study and pondering and praying. When we went visiting teaching again, I was a lot more emotional and spiritually in-tune when I was not as much before. The above video, really touched my heart. I love my Savior dearly and am so grateful for the wonderful influence He has had on my life.

I tried to take a nap but, it did not end up working out so, I listen to efy music from my iPod while I rested my eyes. It was quite relaxing. Then, I painted my roommate's nails in a crazy way! It was quite fun! I used tape to make cool designs on each nail. Each was different. Then, another roommate made wheat waffles and put chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and syrup on them. I tried one. Actually, it was quite tasty but, soooooooo sugary! 
Then, we had our last ward prayer as a BYU YSA 46th ward of the 4th stake in Heritage. I think that is  the first time I've seen so many people there. It was so fun to see people one last time all together. I am going to miss our bishopric. They have been so amazing and such a great support through this year. I am going to miss this ward so much because of the great growth I have had because of everything I have experienced. ♥

So, then, me & one of my roommates went over to Whitney to play skip-bo & uno & phase 10 with some boys. Of course, Uno turned into three guys against Chelsey and Phase 10 turned into all boys against the two girls. It was pretty fun, though. Got tired pretty quick once we had time to relax out in the lobby so, my roommate and I returned to our dorm to go  to bed since we have mission prep final at 8am tomorrow. So, Good night! ♥

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