Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleaning Job?

Well, today, since I was just sitting around, my mom said she would pay me to clean the bathrooms in our house (all 5 of them). Well, since I am looking to earn some money for college and I knew she did not want to clean them, I said yes. I have decided, after cleaning all five bathrooms, I do NOT want to do that for a living. In my own house, fine but, not in someone else's. You never know what you will find.

this is before cleaning and i had just put
cleaner in the toilet so that is not mold but,
I began this endeavor with my sister's bathroom. It was not too bad but, still took quite a bit of time. The shower was the worst part. But, I lived. Rocked out to music blasting from my phone as I played a bunch of old songs from when I was growing up. Then, I headed to the Bug Bathroom (AKA the boy's bathroom...). This bathroom has always been known for its dirtiness and no one ever wants to clean it. Well, I walked in and it was the usual mess. I began to clean. As I was cleaning, I found a lovely surprise for me: a plate was hidden behind the toilet. I guess someone wanted to eat a snack? It was quite interesting...

After finishing this great accomplishment, I headed to my parent's bathroom. Since both have been very busy and have the biggest bathroom, it took quite a bit of time but, not too bad. After this bathroom, I did the main floor and the basement. Neither of these are used very often so they were quite clean to begin with.
Sidenote- I took this picture :)

From this time in the bathrooms I have learned a few things. First- I NEVER want to clean someone else's house for a living. Second- I love Scrubbing Bubbles. I think it is my favorite cleaner. It gets the hardest stains and make my life so much easier when it is used. It also has a very friendly container and you spray the bubbles. What could be more fun then that?

Well, I think that ends my stories for today. Sorry for the double posting. I did not think I would have more to say today.

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