Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Apple Cutting

This post is for my roommate, Jenny, A guy in my freshman ward, Soren, and another guy who is actually on his mission right now, Wesley. Today, before doing some application check-ups, I will show you how I cut an apple for a snack before leaving. Yes, I did cut an apple all by myself.

For those of you who do not know this- I have a great fear of knives and so, I would try not to use them so, I never really learned how to cut an apple correctly... I know, it is very sad but, the knives scared me from hearing about everyone's "I nearly cut off my hand..." story. I do not do well with blood so, I did not want to risk having my own "I nearly cut off my hand..." story. But, today- I overcame that fear and I will show you how I cut my apple:

I typically would use a handy dandy device (that I still would rather prefer.... ) that is pictured to the right. However, I will illustrate what I did today instead of using my favorite device.

I began this endeavor by choosing an apple and a knife and a cutting board. I chose the smallest cutting board and the second smallest knife.

Then, after setting all these items on the counter, I cut the apple in half. Yes, I said that correctly, cut the apple in half. Not my roommate, not a friend, not my mommy. I cut the apple....in half.

After cutting it in half, I cut it in half again. Yes, I said "I" again. I am not lying here! I really did all this by myself!!!

I know this sounds repetitive but, after the previous step, I cut the apple slices in half, again.

This step is different, I turned the slices on their sides and cut the parts that touched the core off so that there were no hard parts that could cut my mouth while I ate them.

The last step is to grab some caramel and eat them. I actually had to use a dulce de leche consistency caramel this morning but, it still tasted delicious.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial on how to cut an apple. I know I did. Have a great day!
And to the above people- I think I have improved don't you?

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