Thursday, May 24, 2012

Towers of Fun

block tower I built while babysitting
I have been truly blessed. As I've looked back on my time being back home I have realized how much the Lord really has been looking out for me. Even though I still don't have a job, I have been getting so many babysitting jobs and other small jobs that have made it so I can still earn money to pay for school. I also get to do something I love, and that is, play with kids. Children are so naive but, teach you so much at the same time. They are so easy to open up to you and are genuinely interested in your life. They show concern when you are hurt and look to you when they are in need.

This time I've been able to spend with children really opens up the scriptures that say to become as a little child. Children can be some of the sweetest spirits. Even if they can drive you up a wall or do some really bad things, they are children and are still learning just as we are. Every day is opening up a new door of opportunity and life to teach us something new to become just a little bit better, a little more like our Savior.

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