Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

me&my best friend
Well, yesterday, I finally saw Hunger Games. I must say, I quite enjoyed it! It was fun to go see it with a best friend and be able to have the same reactions to the same things. Best friends are a wonderful thing. As I have grown up I have realized just how important and wonderful they are. Like all kids, everyone you had a play-date with was your "best friend" and then, the group would get smaller but, when you did not see people, they became distant. Now that I have met some very close friends that I have shared experiences with and see that we still stay in contact even if we do not live right next door it is easy to see the true friends I have. Thanks to those who have been such a great friend to me. I really appreciate it. It really has made me the person I am today.

This is me when I was about 10 with not a care in the world.
On another note, I began my calling as an activity day's leader last night [Activity Days is a group for the girls at church ages 8-11]. They learned about cooking easy meals for babysitting and when there is not much time to make dinner since life is quite crazy. Before we began, though, the other leader (since she had never met me and this was my first time) asked what I would like the girls to call me [in our church, we typically call people Brother or Sister Insert-last-name-here]. It had never hit me I would ever be called "Sister Fisher." Just the sound of it made me feel so bizarre. Since one girl is my sister and the rest I have babysat since they were little, Chelsey fit me quite nicely. To think of being called the same as my mother and grandmother just made growing up seem too real. I know I am 19, turning 20 this fall, but, to think that I really have "grown up" seems so weird. I have always just been Chelsey or some nick-name. I have only been called Sister Fisher as more of a joke since they know my parents. Life moves so fast. When I was younger I always would tell myself I would go to Middle School, High School, then on to BYU and get married and have a family and all the usual things but, it always seemed so far away that it would never really happen. Now, it is happening so fast it is crazy to think about. It makes me reflect on if I have really learned everything I need to. Many times the questions Have I learned enough to do well in school to be a great teacher? Will I be a good wife? Will I be a good mother? have entered my head. I always wondered what the future would hold for me but, never thought I would really find out. The time for preparation really has passed and the test is right outside the door. As I have reflected, I know I have not learned everything so, I get to keep learning but, I feel my parents and leaders have taught me well. Guess it is time to really dive into life and leave my childhood behind and simply remember the memories. Do not worry though, I know I will be like my mom and always have a little child inside of me ready to play the crazy girl.

I am sure everyone has had that time where they are sitting there and have some words pop into their heads and think "I want to write a song." That happened to me earlier today but, like many others, the initiative to actually do it is very difficult. I started writing words down but, I feel they are not quite right and I am not sure if I should combine it with piano or guitar and then, when I do, how will I do it? Chords or a moving part? What should the melody be? How will I know it is finished? Will it ever be finished? Life really is like a song. Music reflects life so well and, like life, it is difficult to create the perfect ending. There is, however, a way. Everyone has a song they are writing and as long as you keep working hard, one day, it will be perfect and we will be able to present our song to the Lord and he will be proud of us. Some of us will have a symphony and others a simple lullaby but, each, if we have worked hard, will be a perfect gift to give. So, just keep working hard and all will work out. For me, I am going to keep working on my song of life and the songs that come to mind because why not practice? Practice makes perfection.

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