Friday, May 4, 2012

Lawn Mowing Revelation

So, today, I started off my day quite well. Started teaching guitar and then, after sleeping again, I walked for 30 minutes on the tredmill and did quite a bit of stretching and such of my own free will. Weird, I know. While exercising, my daddy texted me and asked if I would mow the lawn. Usually I would try to avoid this but, I decided I would. This ended up proving to be very beneficial since it gave me some time to think. Before returning home, I was very nervous about coming back since everyone has their own life-style now with out me being here. I was nervous about finding a job and seeing people I had not seen in so long. I had watched other college kids return and just ignore all their old friends and I really did not want that. Well, today, I realized how much the Lord has blessed me. I have been getting so many little jobs that have helped me earn money so that I will be able to pay for my college education this next year. I also have had so many wonderful times with my family and feel as if I do almost belong. Yes, it is still weird and I miss Provo and BYU but, the Lord has helped make this time a great time to grow and learn and be blessed for doing what is right.

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