Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Power of the Priesthood

Tonight, I went to our stake's Relief Society Meeting (for those who do not know what that means: the group of women in our congregation at church is called Relief Society because they try to bring relief to others and a stake is a group on congregations in an area). At first, I did not really want to go and thought it would be boring and long and tiring and full of old women (no offense to older women). My heart was changed, however, as the speaker began talking, the spirit touched my soul. At one point, she told a personal story (that I will not repeat since it is her personal story) but, at one point, she talked about 6 priesthood holders (her sons and husband) walking in a line to perform an ordinance for her other son, and the spirit hit me, and many other ladies in that room, about how strong the priesthood power is and how powerful those men that hold that power is. The hold the power of God and perform blessings and ordinances to help others, not themselves. It is amazing to think of the love God has for us that He gives power to these men to help serve His other children. As I sat in that chapel, I could feel God's love and feel His power and felt my heart burn to testify the truth of these things. Even though I went to a meeting for women/mothers and tomorrow is Mother's Day, I must say, my love for my earthly and Heavenly Father and my brothers and my brothers in the gospel has grown so much. Thank you to all those wonderful men that honor their priesthood and help serve others. It is such an honor to witness that love of God shine through each of you. Thank you.

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