Monday, May 28, 2012

First Road Trip

Well, my brother and I went on our first road trip without our parents. I was nervous at first but, it was fun. We drove down to Normal, Illinois for a friend's graduation/birthday/going away party. My brother and I had quite the fun time once we got there since we had not seen this friend in quite awhile. We helped with decorations and spent some time chatting with her grandma (which was quite fun and interesting. Sean and I both enjoyed it) and other stuff. Then, it was time to start heading back home and so we started up Rt. 39 to I-88. As we got to I-88, however, the gas light went on. I knew we would not be able to make it home without getting some gas but, since it was Sunday we did not want to stop and buy some but, circumstances said we must. So, we said a prayer and pulled off at the next gas station and were blessed to see gas for $3.69 and got to wash the windshield that was bug-splattered. Sean & I saw this as a major blessing for doing our best for what circumstances would allow and trusting that the Lord would help us with the rest.

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