Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why Money?

So, I've been trying to earn money to pay for college since my parent's rule is they will pay for the 1st year and then, you pay for the rest. Well, I did not get that clue  until 1/2 my first year which is my own fault. My dad told me about budgeting today and looking at how life is going, I'm going to be broke after one year which is difficult since I have at least 3 more years. It was an eye-opener since I've always thought I'd just keep saving and life would just work out. I've tried not to spend a lot and pay tithing [10% of income that we give to church to help pay for different things] so, to see my money disappearing in front of me on paper was scary. I've been trying to get a job but, so far, no luck. It makes me scared to be trying so hard and think of being completely broke in under a year. My parents have said to do service and looking at some different projects I'd love to do I do not feel I can because it would cost me money which is the opposite of what I'm trying to do. I'm missing the days when I'd babysit for fun and almost walk out forgetting the fact that I got paid for it. Now, I somewhat understand the living paycheck to paycheck life and I do not quite care for it. How have college kids before me survived this feeling of being completely at a loss and useless to the world in the ways of money? How do they get back on top after all this spending to get an education? How do they buy a house? Get married? Raise children? Keep up their hobbies? Go out for entertainment? Go on dates? How??? I guess it's time to find out...

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