Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love is Real

So, this summer, I have been listening to a christian radio station a lot since it's uplifting to listen to and there's not a bunch of nastiness playing on it. I've really felt uplifted since listening to it. It's kind of like my religion class of the day or my little bit of church camps, since I don't get the chance to go to any this year.

Anyway, sometimes they have these religion discussions between songs and the other day they had one where they asked people to think of one word to describe God's love. They started naming some such as grace, mercy, infinite, etc. Then, they said one that really caught my attention: REAL. God's love is REAL. It is such a beautiful thing and it is always there for us. Tonight in Institute [a church class offered once a week for college aged and above adults in the church], we discussed the parable of the prodigal son from Luke chapter 15. The father rejoices when his way-ward son returns just as our Heavenly Father rejoices when we return to Him and repent of our sins and "try a little hard to be a little better (Gordon B. Hinckley )."

I know there are many days when my mind goes else-where rather than focus on my Lord, and Savior. However, it is so amazing that the Lord still loves us and cares for us and wishes for us to return to Him. He always has his arms outstretched to carry us through the hard times of life and bring  us back to the light. I love it. I know that my Redeemer lives.

picture found on google of Savior raising the little girl from the dead.

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