Friday, May 11, 2012

Brownie Batter Battle

Well, life is always full of surprises. I had quite the plan set for today from teaching guitar to nap to treadmill to lunch with a cousin to babysitting to babysitting then, sleep. Only some of those things happened, however. I taught guitar and got my nap but, overslept so, lunch & the treadmill did not happen today. Then, the latter babysitting job fell through so, I had a free evening. My mom said to go hang-out with people so, I asked a friend I'd been promising to hang out with if she was free. She was not. So, I asked another friend and then, next thing I knew, (after dinner, of course) I was heading to her house to help her make cookie pies for her girl's camp fundraiser. What  started as harmless fun turned into quite the battle of batter. We both wanted to lick the brownie bowl clean but, neither really wanted to share so, we got a little messy... This was quite the fun. I'd missed getting dirty and laughing with friends. It was such a relief to just be crazy and laugh. Laughing really is life's greatest medicine. So- if you're going through a rough time, grab a friend, some brownie batter, and laugh.

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