Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cake Shake

Well, today, I finally did it. I tried the famous Portillo's Chocolate Cake Shake. I had tried it before but, alas, it was hours after it had been purchased so it was soggy and melted and gross... Today, while I was driving around running some errands, I came across Portillo's and decided it was time to give it a try.

At first, it was weird. There were chunks of delicious cake mixed with my usual chocolate shake (which is quite heavenly I might add). It was not very fun to not be able to just slurp it up the straw because of the chunks but, it did taste quite delicious. I had to take a few minute breaks in between because of how sugary it was! I thought I was going to have a major sugar crash after finishing it. I think I will stick to my regular chocolate from now on. It was good but, I would like to just finish my shake and be able to keep moving and not feel like I need a nice LONG nap  after it. So- Thank You Portillo's but, I think next time I'll go with the usual.

On a different note, yesterday I spent a lot of time taking "love" pictures after seeing a bunch of ideas on One I took was a combination of pictures of my hands signing the letters for "I Love You." I then, took a trip to and edited it so it was multicolored. I was quite happy with the end result. This led to doing the same thing with my name and my sister's for our cover photos on facebook. It was a lot of fun and let me practice my sign language from this past semester.

I've been meaning to post this but, I have not had the opportunity yet. I had listened to Michael BublĂ© a few times but, had never really appreciated his music very much until the other day. My mom had  her car set to play all his songs that she had and I happened to be driving her car when the song, "Home" came on. I felt like I had found a new theme song since my life has been very focused on missing Provo and Young Hall which has gained the feeling of home for me. Yes, I love home in Chicago-land and my family and friends here but,  at the same time, the 46th ward became my family & friends in Provo and that place had the feeling of home and knowing that there's a chance I will never see some of those people again makes me want to return and spend more time with certain people and give more hugs and laughs than I did. This, however, is not what can happen so I just have to accept that life moves on and I have grown from those relationships and now, the Lord needs me to touch someone else's life and have them touch mine. I have included the song "Home" just so you can take a minute to listen and think of a place you long to be and people you long to see and just remember the good times and then, carry on to where the Lord needs you to be now and go help someone else only you can touch. May the Lord bless you.

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