Monday, May 21, 2012

Daily Scriptures

In Relief Society (the women's meeting at church) yesterday, we talked about scriptures and ways to increase scripture study since it is easy to forget or neglect it. At one point, the teacher talked about how it is easy to lose track of time on facebook and then, it hit me what I could do. I love to edit pictures and it has become a nice hobby/past time for me. I thought to myself, "I could edit a picture and put a scripture on it and set that as my cover photo and change it once a week, or so!" Obviously, I was quite excited and wanted to jump into it once I returned home but, other commitments kept me away from it for awhile. Then, last night, I had the time and I made five different pictures that I can use. I set one to start off my facebook scripture help. It made me so happy to have a scripture on my page to maybe help someone else, as well as myself, read the scriptures more and feel the love of my Savior. Yes, it's not like I am reading a ton of scriptures by doing this but, it will help keep my mind focused on my eternal goals and maybe, just maybe, help someone do the same.

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