Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Surprise

We couldn't leave the room... 
I wanted to write about this on Monday when Marin and I actually did this but, I did not want to spoil the surprise in case my mom looked on here. On Sunday night (a week ago), my sister and I were laying there and had the thought of different ways we could reorganize our room and decided we wanted to do it. So, the next day, after she got home from school, we attacked. We moved the shelves, desk, dresser, headboard, mirror, and queen-size bed all by ourselves and completely reorganized the room.

Chewie & I were quite exhausted after
It was a lot of work but, a lot of fun. We accomplished this in about two hours. Then, since Mother's Day was still several days away, we kept mom away from the room (and almost the rest of the family as well) until this morning when we unveiled not only a different set-up but, a clean room. It was quite refreshing to know we had accomplished this great feat by ourselves. Not many times can we say that we did something that usually only Daddy does or our brother. It was quite an exciting moment to say we had done it all by ourselves and that we had kept it a secret for almost a whole week! Not often that happens.
finished product

On another note, it is Mother's Day and I would like to comment accordingly on my wonderful mother. I know I should do this every day and that Mother's Day should not be an excuse to comment on this subject but, I do feel I should express my deep gratitude for my mother, or Mommy as I still call her. My mom has always been there for me even though I have not always really shown my gratitude for it or taken full advantage of it. I always kept to myself in my room until just before college when I decided I wanted to share more with my mommy. So, I promised I would tell her my college stories and this has made our relationship a lot better. I am so happy to have a mother who is a close friend and can make me laugh and I can be honest with. I have not always been the best child but, what daughter is? I am thankful for her craziness, her laughter, her crazy dancing in the kitchen when we should be cleaning,  her teaching me about home-making even when I did not want to learn, her support in furthering my talents, her continuous love, her consistency, her creativity, her musical talents, her singing to us at night, her teaching us the gospel, her continuous effort to always have family prayer and scripture study, her love of my father, her support of education, her not giving me everything I want, her teaching me you do not need everything you want to be happy, to see joy in the little things, teaching me to learn from mistakes, teaching me I am not perfect but, can strive for it, and so much more.  Thank you Mommy for helping me to find joy in the journey. 

Thanks Mommy. Happy Mother's Day!

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