Saturday, May 12, 2012

What You Never Realize

I had an eye-opener experience today. I had always tried to look for lessons in life to be learned so that I can become better and find the positives in life to be able to always keep a smile on even when life gets tough. Little did I know how my continuous efforts would impact anyone else. Today, I received a message from a friend letting me know that I had helped them. I was surprised since I had not thought I was really helping anyone but, myself as I was working toward finding happiness in all the little things from teasing my siblings to brownie batter battles to time alone. I guess the Lord really does use us as instruments in His hands to help the other sheep in His fold come unto Him. It's important to always listen to the little promptings so we can help Him reach others, as well as ourselves because we never know who the Lord places in our path to help both sides.

Just think, we if decide not to write that little note to help someone, we could have a greater impact on their lives than we think. The story of the young man that just went to help another comes to mind. A young man was walking home and saw another young man get picked on and saw him drop all his books that he was taking home. Now, he could have just left him but, he didn't. He went and helped him carry his books home and invited him to hang out later. Years later, these two were best friend and they were at graduation and the other young man told the story but, included the detail that he had been planning on committing suicide that weekend and was bringing everything home so his mom would not have to after he was gone but, the fact that someone showed they cared stopped him from going through with this act. If that young man had not helped the other, the latter would not have been there that day. We never know who we are impacting so, listen to the promptings you receive and try to look for the positive so that maybe you can be someone else's life saver when they are at their lowest point. The Lord needs each of us. Every one.

(I've included some pictures/quotes I have found over the years that relate to what I have written about. Neither are my own pictures or quotes.)

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