Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 Days left... More good-byes...

Well, I woke up this morning and got all ready since I had choir practice today so we can sing at commencement tomorrow. It's weird to think this is our last rehearsal and that I have to say good-bye and leave so soon. It does not feel like I have two more days but, forever.

Women's chorus went well. We practiced "Lord, I Would Follow Thee." It's such a pretty piece and the spirit really flows through it. I love it.

Came home and continued packing... My Grandparents are stopping by later so I can start sending stuff back with them!!! YAY!!!! I was starting to worry about getting stuff up there.... A roommate and I also had a cleaning party in the bathroom (since she's leaving tomorrow and I'll be busy tomorrow afternoon/evening.). That was fun but, it made me quite tired since I scrubbed down the bathtub and bathroom floor. Then, I got most of my stuff out of the kitchen and donated to the roommates that are staying for spring/summer terms food drive. :P Then, my grandparents came and picked up a lot of my stuff so that it will be easier when I'm moving out come Friday.

A roommate and I did something crazy. We told the guys we would go with them to hike squaw peak... We just went for it and kept telling ourselves we couldn't back out of it. Well, it started raining so we said we'd just walk them to the trail head.... then, they were taking too long so we went to eat ice cream and play skip-bo in the kitchen. After the boys left, I was not ready for bed yet so, I went for a walk to go to the hill to go star gazing. This just turned into me walking to a bench by the stream by our building and sitting there and thinking for awhile. It's hard to say good-bye and I did not want to close this day since so many of my friends (family now) are leaving tomorrow. Sometimes it is really nice to just sit and think by yourself but, it can also be quite lonely. Well, it's 11:45 now, I think it's time to close and try to get some rest while my roommate packs since she, like many others, is leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow might just be a boring, sad post...

Oh! I forgot! After skip-bo, the boys and a different roommate started to play the cup game. It was funny to watch since they all got really into it so it turned very intense. Some were more comfortable with "kid speed" and others were more for the crazy fast speed. It was quite hilarious.

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