Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Days Left

Woke up today and began by getting ready. I curled my hair and did my make-up. Then, I went  to a physical science review, again. While we discussed units three and four, we discussed the relative dating of rocks. This made me and my friend laugh and think "I think we should relatively date rocks!" I think that is the only reason we stayed alive during this review...

Well, I got home and ate and relaxed for awhile. Then, we joined the boys in using their budget to buy ice cream and so we enjoyed some yummy ice cream. Then, the fun began.....

Laying in a bed of rocks is Heavenly.....Kinda...
I met up with my friend to go rock/boyfriend hunting.... We walked around the little stream by Heritage and took pictures galore with rocks. It was so much fun! We laughed so hard. I continually kept saying "I like this game! We should play this more often!" It was hilarious! I had never noticed how many rocks there are around us. It honestly made my day! There were rocks to climb on, ones to pick up, ones to sit on, ones to look at, ones to admire, etc. I have found I LOVE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Shhhh!!!! My boyfriend is a rock!!! 

We took so many funny pictures and I cannot post them all on here so, I've posted a few of my favorites that my friend took of me. I guess getting ready for the day really paid off because some of these are actually really cute! ♥

I'm holding it's hand.... tehehe
After rock hunting, I went to a surprise party for one of my home teachers. That was also fun. We ate and had a water fight/tickle fight and danced and took pictures and such. I LOVE MY WARD!!!! I am going to miss all of them so much when I leave in seven days. They have become some of my bestest, closest friends. We have not know each other very long but, have shared so much. It will be weird to not have all these  guys next door when I return in the fall but, they will be serving the Lord across the globe and becoming the best men this world has ever seen. They will become great fathers and husbands; great students and teachers; great friends and listeners; great servants of the Lord.

dead guy pancake :)

For dinner, my roommates made dead guy pancakes. So funny! It was hilarious and I felt like I was in Despicable Me!!!! I ate a dead guy.... :P

After, we headed to the guy's dorm to play murder in the dark. My roommate and I stuck together and would go sit in the back room and wait to be killed. Eventually, we did get killed by one of our friends and we dove to hide under the table to wait to be found. Then, we headed up to a friend's dorm to "study" since finals start tomorrow. And so ends day 7.

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