Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Hoped They'd Call Me on a Mission

Today is October 6th, 2012 and it is a major day in history. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and today was the 182 semi-annual General Conference and President Thomas S. Monson announced a change in the ages for missionary service. I had grown up knowing that young men could go on a mission at 19 and young women, if they chose, could go after turning 21. I had, over the years, gone back and forth with serving or not but, always came to the conclusion that I had several more years to think about it. Today, that all changed when it was announced that young men can go on a mission after High School graduation at age 18, and young women at age 19. I am almost 20 so, this obviously affects me. Now, like many other young women, I am at a point where I feel I need to really seriously consider my life. Do I go on a mission ASAP? Do I go later? Do I go at all? As I consider it I want to make sure I do what the Lord wants me to. Not all young women are meant to serve missions and I want to make sure I don't do something that is not meant for me. There are many benefits and reasons to go but, it is important for me to focus on the eternal perspective. One of these benefits would be coming home at the same time as all my boys. It would be so great to come home at the same time as them and be able to have a mission to talk with them about but, maybe that's not what I'm supposed to do. Well, it is time to go to the Lord and the temple and make sure I do what I am meant to do. No matter what the end result, I know I will be doing what the Lord wants me to and I will help others wherever I go and whatever I do.

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