Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Lord is There

Well, today has been quite interesting. I woke up early to observe in the Kindergarten and then, did homework until devotional. Since I know people in Men's Chorus, I decided to stay on campus and actually go to Devotional rather than watch it in my apartment. Well, I got there and just picked a seat that would be easy to get out of at the end and sat was mentally thinking about everything I had to get done after the devotional and where I would go to do homework and blah, blah, blah.A few minutes later, devotional began. As President Samuelson started talking, I'm not proud to say this but, I was not really listening. I was still thinking and stressing (as I do best). Someone asked to sit next to me and started asking about my life and, once again, I wasn't really listening. Still thinking. Then, Men's Chorus stood up and sang "Come Thou Fount." Usually, (another not proud moment) I just sit there critiquing whoever is performing and noticing vowels and tonation and facials, etc. Well, not today. I felt peace and just listened to the melody and the beauty of the simplicity of the arrangement. It was so lovely and was truly what I needed to get ready for devotional and the rest of my day. It was wonderful. Then, the devotional was on Gratitude and my mind was ready for those words. I was reminded of phrases my dad would always say as I was growing up: "Attitude Determines Altitude" & "Decisions Determine Destiny." It is wonderful when you remember things that helped you in the past and can still help you now. It was so nice to have the spirit with me this morning and be able to focus on an Eternal Perspective rather than the mundain "what do I have to do today that is due tomorrow...?" thought process. It's so much better when we focus on what Christ would have us do than how we can survive our next midterm. It's a lighter load and an easier life. It is just the right thought process before General Conference this weekend.

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