Friday, January 27, 2012

Fallin' in Foam with Friends

So, last night, I went on a "double" date where we watched Megamind, ate hamburger helper, played/watched ping pong, ate Café Rio, and went to this crazy place called Lowes Xtreme Sport. And I'll tell you, it was crazy! Imagine a giant gym full of foam pits and trampolines and you've got the basic idea. It was such a blast, though!  Like I've said before, the simple things really are the most fun. I mean, what is more fun than a huge pit full of foam squares and a trampoline or trapeze to jump into it from?
On another note, it's quite amusing to see how all LDS youth seem to find a great thrill in finding out who likes who. It can cause a conversation to last for hours and hours more wondering who "who" is. I used to think it was just us Illinois youth but, I am realizing it really is all over. It makes me laugh to see the "drama" over it when all the guys will be leaving for their missions and the girls will probably end up marrying someone they have not even met yet! Actually, that's the scary part.... :P It can be a lot of fun liking someone and having them like you back but, it makes me wonder if I should really be focusing on that. I have not come to a conclusion yet... but, when I do then, hopefully, I'll listen to it. :P No promises there.
Well, have a great day! I'm  going to a soccer game tonight! 
~Choo Choo~

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