Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy College Night

I am finding myself enjoying college more and more as I get to know the guys in my ward better. Last night, after my choir retreat, a couple of us watched Hook together. There is something really fun about watching old movies and laughing with a bunch of people. After this adventure of Peter Pan's, we took our own adventure to Denny's, again. Eight of us went this time and we had quite the fun time being crazy, as usual.

Upon returning, we ran into more people so, we formed two groups. Some people headed to bed while me and three of the guys headed to the  other side of the building to get out of the wind and rain. Then, we ended in a little alcove place where we enjoyed a long night of talking about all sorts of things. It is funny how much easier it is to talk at night compared to the day. It is not something you think about until it is actually happening. After some people headed to bed, two of us decided to go walking around as we continued talking. (SIDE NOTE- It is a lot warmer to walk fast than to sit on cement...not that I would know from past experiences or anything... :P ) I have found it is really neat when you can talk to guys about anything. It makes me glad that LDS guys, that keep their standards, are around. I wish I had known more as I was growing up to have made so many great friends earlier in life. Luckily, college has made up a lot for that missed time. Well, today should be fun since there is a dance tonight.
♥ Have a wonderful day & make good GREAT choices! ♥

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