Monday, January 16, 2012

Battle of the Roommates

Well, today was quite the eventful evening/early morning. My roommate and I decided to play some Extreme Skip-bo... Let's just say we got a little too hyper and realized why we like to go to bed early and not eat a lot of sugar late at night. hehe It became Extreme Extreme Skipbo. We gave some wonderful amusement to our other roommate and neighbors that visited but, we did make quite the fools of ourselves. It was quite amusing but, now, I am exhausted and laughing hysterically! Note to self- don't play with only two people late at night with a lot of sugar in you. It does not go very well. :P

Here is a taste of how hyper we were. This is the end of a game that I won. ♥

I love you Hil! ♥ hehe ♥


P.S. This is why I do not do drugs or drink. I would be scared to see this get any worse.

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