Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Now it is Real Life

So, I took my TSA today and then, since I finished quickly and early, I finished my application all by 10am. I woke up this morning at six and I am starting to feel the effects of that little amount of sleep. Sadly, I have classes until nine this evening. We had devotional this morning with Julie B. Beck and Women's Chorus sang, "Lord, I would Follow Thee." I feel it went very well. It feels so great when you finish things early! I am able to relax and enjoy my short time before I begin my classes which, for the most part, should be fairly easy and relaxed. Hopefully, I do not have another conducting "addiction" like I did last week or I will not be going to bed anytime soon after. :P Well, time to run to class! Pray I do not fall asleep....

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