Monday, January 30, 2012

Waking up to Dessert?!?

Yesterday, I was quite tired after church because some roommates and I had stayed up chatting about "boy stories" until 1:30am. This was quite fun and thoroughly enjoyed, however, since we have 9am church, this was not the smartest time to have it... :P Well, anyway, so I took a nap after church. A few hours later (yes, I was that tired) I awoke to the smell of brownies baking. It smelled so good but, I figured someone was making them in the kitchen. To my surprise, I found a plate with two huge brownies on it for my roommate and I from our visiting teachers. They were very yummy. :) There's something so nice about waking up to food. Then, I came to my room later and found a plate of cookies on my bed from a guy in my ward. I seriously could have died happy after coming to find two different desserts waiting for me at different times. And both were DELICIOUS!!!!! So ya... Then, at ward prayer, along with another girl in my ward, we continually kept saying, "Can I say I love our ward?!?!?" Seriously, I don't mean to brag or boast but, I love my freshman ward sooooooo much! It's such a blast and everyone is so nice and we can just do the most random things (such as having a phone book ward...... or other such activities...... :P ). Yepz. Freshman life here is really something else.

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