Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lookin' Good for No Good Reason At All

You know those days you decide to actually get ready and then, when you have, you realize you have nothing planned for that day so you slightly cry on the inside because you realize you should have done this another day...? That is me this morning. I actually curled my hair and did some experimentation with make-up and I don't have any plans until later in the day and, by then, my hair will be flat and my make-up washed away by the day. Oh well, it is nice to feel pretty when you don't always have the time to get ready that much.

On another note, last night, I was quite hungry when I went to bed, as was my roommate, so we both decided to make some sort of dessert in the microwave. I made a store-bought brownie mix for one while she made a cake in a hot cocoa mug. Sadly, she was missing a lot of ingredients so she improvised. (Great thinking on her part) It came out a little funky but, it looked really good after adding powdered sugar on top. :P Probably would have been enjoyed more if I wasn't feeling so sick from having WAY too much sugar without having a
good dinner......

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