Monday, January 16, 2012

Intense "Foulball" and Basketball with the Guys

So, you know how sometimes you wish you could just hang out with the guys and play some crazy games and just be goofy? Well, that is how today was. My roommate and I woke up and got decked out in our basketball wear and headed over to go play a new game we invented called "Foulball." This game consists of a Nerf basketball & hoop with a nice group of "slightly" competitive people. Well, we met up with more people than we thought and headed to the new buildings to begin our attack. Of course, the game got intense really fast. It was fun. Then, we went outside (in the freezing weather) and went to play half-court basketball. We all were a "little" cold since we were all in basketball shorts and sweatshirts but, we had quite a blast. I even made a shot! (After trying to make one more than several times...) Sadly, it got a little too cold so, we retired to the building for some crazy hot cocoa in a crazy hot cocoa maker and played some Rock band. Then, it was time for homework but, we got invited for a pizza party with some other guys from next door. Now, if homework would do itself, life would be complete. :P Too bad it's not like how elementary school homework was when all you had to do was color or draw your letters.... Too bad it's not just drawing beat patterns for conducting..... That's just what I do when I am bored. :P Luckily, it's almost done and then, it will be time for FHE (family home evening) and then, sleep before a crazy day tomorrow. I have that TSA tomorrow......

Well, I guess I should practice again so, for your enjoyment, here is a picture of my beat pattern doodles:


Yes, I got that bored..... :P

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