Saturday, January 14, 2012

College Days

Well, today is a typical Saturday... I woke up late and took my time getting ready because there just aren't any plans until later today. I got some groceries and am realizing more and more how expensive things can be. Just purchasing the basic foods and already you are spending more than you would want to. It is sad and annoying. Sometimes, I wish I had been born in the age when candy was a penny and everything was super cheap.... especially gas. One of the many reasons I am not considering getting a car anytime soon. Anyway, the main reason for getting on today is to continuing my practice for my TSA I have to take. So, I guess it's time to post some picture and another video just so I do not forget how to.

Step 1: picture: I took this at the Brookfield Zoo over Christmas break. It made me laugh. I am realizing how often my life is being rated RL (real life) as I enter the adult world. Sometimes it is fun and others.... let's just say.... not so fun.

Step 2: video: This was a video my sister introduced me to over Christmas break. I know many people have already heard this song but, to those who haven't, beware. It can get stuck in your head VERY quickly... I was tempted to look up guitar tabs for it simply because of how easily it gets stuck in my head. :P

Step 3: publish: done. :)

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