Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twisted Family

Last night, for FHE, we played a "harmless" game of twister with two twister boards. I must say, I do not think we've had that much fun together in awhile. Sadly, many people were missing but, those who were there, I believe, would agree it was a blast. 

 At one point, I was left with our "dad" and a brother. The brother was playing viciously but, it was fun. This is a picture of me being squashed between the two. It looks painful, I know but, it was pretty hilarious. I recommend it! :P Just kidding... It was pretty fun but, it is not a game for everyone...sadly...

The picture to the left is of two of my roommate, our "dad" and our "grandpa." Jenny couldn't reach very well so, she ended up crawling over everyone. This picture is an example of that moment. It was pretty hilarious even though I do not think everyone appreciated it.
College Life really is something else. Most of the people I have met and hang out with, I probably would not have even really talked to back in High School. It is great to be in a place where prejudices and clicks are left behind and you get to really know people for who they are: sons and daughter of God. It is such a blessing to be in an environment where I can grow closer to my Savior and practice caring for others in an environment where others are trying to do the same. Sure, it can be very difficult but, it is worth every hardship to have moments like the above that are completely random but, completely fun for everyone. It is so much fun to just be yourself and to find who you really are away from the pressures of high school life.

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