Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cartwheelin' in the Lobby

So, sometimes I feel a little bit like a failure since my dad was a gymnast and my mom was a cheerleader and both were very involved with sports and very active. I am.........not. Of course, I play churchball and other things to keep active but, sports have never been my forte and anything gymnastic related REALLY is not my forte. So, I could never do a cartwheel. It was a sad story. I did a couple one day at a "one day cheerleading camp." But, when I got home after, I could no longer achieve this accomplishment. I've tried again for years and had many urges to do said trick but, to no avail. Well, last night, while hanging out in the guys lobby, as usual, some of the guys heard of my sad tale. Of course, this lead to cartwheel lessons and me attempting, and failing, multiple times. Well, after a ton of laughs and plenty of bad landings, I landed on my feet! I was not straight, mind you but, it was a start. By this point, I was not going to be allowed to stop trying. So, I DID A CARTWHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only been about.... oh I don't know..... 10+ years?!?!?!? Basically, I felt quite accomplished and felt maybe I did get some of the "athletic genes" from my parents after all. :) Thanks guys!

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