Friday, January 20, 2012

Kickin', Dizzy, & Denny's

Of course, it was another non-boring night hanging out with the Whitney boys. I got back from babysitting and then, we went and played night games. It was quite fun until someone got hurt... then, we just found other fun things. This led to basketball. It was a  little late, however, so we got kicked off because it was past hours. Luckily, it was a pretty warm evening so, it was easier to play than the other day after "Foul Ball." This game led to rolling down one too many times down the great big hill by our dorms. I must say, it was quite fantastic. Even if we got really dizzy....... Then, we went to Denny's since it's only "normal" to go after midnight. :P Well, I beat Wes at finishing my milkshake first, laughed a ton, told people to act their age and then got scolded for not acting my own, etc. The walk back was even better. Nick tried to jump on a balloon to pop it but, missed it by a long shot so, he face planted :P pretty fantastic. then, there was the kicking fights........ let's just say 19 years of being tickled and learning how to defend myself have paid off. :P teeheehee Well, it is now quite late so I must retire since I do have class in the morning and lots going on tomorrow night. Until then, keep smiling & laughing. It makes life better. :)

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