Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phonebook Wars at Whitney

Last night was quite the adventure. What began as a simple and harmless ripping a phone book in half, turned into a huge battle of phone book pages, bindings, hands, and feet. It began small and turned into something that took over the entire lobby. This adventure was quite hilarious, even though I was planning on going to bed early which didn't happen because of this.... :P There was tackling, throwing, etc. We all came out with ink stains and sweat from head to toe and still wanting to continue. It's funny how the simple things in life can bring so much joy. :)

Wes rippin' a phone book. The first to join the war.

The war continuing.
(The best video is really long and I think I need to edit a few things to make it better so, there might be another one to follow later...maybe. :P )

Yes, college is a crazy place & so much fun can come from the simple things.

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