Saturday, December 22, 2012

"God Bless us, Everyone"

Today, while out shopping with two of my siblings, we saw a lady with a sign asking for money to be able to pay rent so her children had a place to stay. My heart reached out for this woman and made me think how she, and her children, are children of God. It is so sad to see people struggling and know there are others that are struggling more. Yes, some people are faking it or might just use the money for drugs but, some are not. It takes a lot of humility, in my opinion, to walk a corner, showing your face and asking for help. Even if they are not actually who they are saying, the Lord asked us to care for our neighbors, our brothers and sisters. In this time of giving and the spirit of Christmas, I pray for those who are struggling to even have enough food for the season.

My dad took me to see A Christmas Carol downtown Thursday night and, after seeing this woman, I cannot help but think of the Cratchit family that wanted a Christmas tree and a large turkey but, had to settle for a little duck and a tiny little tree. It really is the simple things that make the season bright. I hope all can be a little kinder to one another and maybe a little more in tune to the needs of others through this Christmas, and other Holidays, season. Another thing that reminds me of A Christmas Carol is that the woman had, at the bottom of her sign, "God Bless." This is similar to the familiar phrase, "God bless us, everyone," said by Tiny Tim. To restate this, God bless everyone this Christmas season, and especially those in need.

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