Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home for the Holidays and Thinking about Happiness

Well, it has been quite awhile since I have posted anything. Guess the last weeks of the semester made me a little lazy in this department. haha At this point, I am back home and, for the most part, I am loving it. Why not completely? I still have to do dishes.... Can't get out of them.... Bleh. haha Anyway, one of my missionary friends sent me a letter two days after I got back (I had told  him I would be home so he had the right address) and in it, he was discussing memories and how they can affect us. This made me think about how all semester long, I have had a lot of "dwelling in the past" moments. It has been hard to let last year go and try to move on. Yes, it has taught me a lot and it has kept me from dating RM's [Return Missionaries] but, it has also let to a lot of "pity/crying" parties. So, as I was reading this  letter and writing a response, I thought about happiness. All semester long I was thinking, "When I get away from BYU..." for this cry-sessions to end. But, that is not right.
                                                       Happiness is a Choice
You cannot expect someone else to make you feel happy about how your life is. You need to decide what you want to feel and then, seek it. Like when we had a lot of snow back in Utah, I could have been depressed but, instead, I decided to make it a game or feel like I was tap-dancing. I need to take that thought to the next level and apply it to my whole life, not just to a few days. It is still important to remember the past and laugh or cry but, I'm choosing to be happy and not do it as much. Through this holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in the presents and decorations and all the stressers but, it is more important to remember the reason for the season. No matter if you are Jewish or Christian or another religion or do not celebrate anything. For me, it is Christ's birth that I need to remember. And with that, His death and Resurrection and the Atonement. Because of Christmas, I have a Savior and a way to return to Heaven if I do my part and live worthy of the blessings it entails. Even if you are not Christian, Merry Christmas! [several days early :) ].

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