Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am Grateful

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and, in honor of it, I was thinking of things I am grateful for. Yes, I know I cannot write them all down or even think of them all but, I wish to try to get as many down as I can:

My family: a mom & dad who love each other and care about each of their children so much. siblings who support and love me and do a great job at making my day. For extended family that helps me and makes me feel loved when I am far from home and does little things to support me.

My religion: giving me a sense of direction  in my life. giving me strength when I have none. Giving me a reason to get up each day.

My Savior: Giving me strength when I feel alone in the world. A best friend that understands everything when others do not. Giving me a chance to return to live with Him and my Heavenly Father again through the Atonement. A perfect example for me to follow.

Temples: I can live with my family forever. I can feel peace in the middle of this crazy world. I can serve others who I have never met.

My education: Lets me continue to learn and grow and shape myself into the person I want to be. I am able to meet new people and grow and learn from them.

Friends: A support system when I feel alone. Help me become a better person.

Technology: Let's me keep in touch with friends and family from far away. It lets me increase my knowledge and share my thoughts with the world.

Missionary Work: Grants blessings to others and teaches me to be a leader and a better teacher.

Food: Makes me happy and feel good.

Medication: lets me continue to function when I am ill and makes me feel better.
Hygiene: Let's me feel clean.

AC/Heating: Always able to feel "just right" temperature-wise.

Nature: Beauty that can only be found when you're looking for it. It creates beautiful pictures and peace to my soul.

Music: Gives me peace and comfort. It is a way to express myself.

Senses: I am able to hear beautiful music, see all of God's creations, smell flowers and fresh bread, feel a soft breeze, & taste delicious food.

Sleep: Letting me rejuvenate and feel refreshed after a long day.

I know there are more but, the last one has made me really excited to retire to bed so, I will end my list here.  There are so many more wonderful blessings I have been given but, it is time for rest. Good night & Happy Thanksgiving!

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