Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sneaky Mail

A little part of Chelsey's day is checking the mail. After waiting for the mail man to leave, she snatches the mail key and stalks down to the mailbox to look to see if today is a lucky day or not. Usually, there is not something there but, it is all the more fun when there is a letter, or two, from missionary friends. One thing that not fun is getting the ads. The "ad days" are the worst because you go down to the mailbox and open up. You see some sort of paper product inside and get SUPER excited just to find out it is only a little packet of pages telling you all the "great sales" everyone is having. You pick it up, throw it in the nearest trash can ('cause no one in your apartment uses them) and sludge back up to the third floor to put the key back in the drawer  and continue on with you life until tomorrow at about the same time. For this reason, this morning, I decided ads are "sneaky mail" because you think you have something and then, you do not and they sit there laughing at you. That's why I throw them straight into the trash can. Yes, I'm probably missing some great deal but, at this point of the semester, I do not need anything else so I won't be using them and I know my roommates do not so why leave the laughing pages sitting on my table to continue to laugh at how they tricked me again? It does not seem quite reasonable. Oh well, time to go get the mail and see if the ads are hiding any real mail beneath them. haha

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